Caring Quint: For Outdaughtered Twin Olivia, Hazel’s A Lightweight Burden

Hazel Busby

Outdaughtered spoilers reveal that Olivia and Hazel Busby share a very special bond. Actually, Hazel managed to do that with her Uncle Dale Mills, as well. Meanwhile, fans love that she’s not only cute but very easy to identify with her eyeglasses and red hair. Additionally, she certainly seems to have a nurturing and caring personality. Perhaps that’s why Olivia gave her a helping hand so willingly this week. Not a heavy burden, it seems that she considers her sister a lightweight when it comes to needing some help.

Outdaughtered Quint Hazel Busby Seems Delightful And Kind

TLC fans adore Hazel for way more than her red hair and cute little lisp. In fact, she seems altogether just adorable because she found her spirit animal: a sloth. Laid back, not stressed, she seems like a very easy person to be with. Actually, a few years ago, her dad spoke about her patient personality when they went on a spring vacation. Back then, he told fans that she is totally suited to taking up fishing.

Often up to innocent mischief, the Outdaughtered quint has been busted smuggling her cuddly toys into her school bag, more than once. For some reason, she looks hurt and sad when Adam Busby confiscates them. And, for the life of her, she can’t figure out how he knows that she stashed them away. Naturally, fans love watching clips of her reluctantly parting with them. Once, he caught her with seven of them in her bag. Such endearing things only make fans adore her even more.

Outdaughtered Quint Olivia Is The Twin With A Caring Personality

From the TLC show and things that her mom says on social media, Olivia, much like her twin Ava, has a huge sense of humor. Keeping things light though, extends beyond that with her sister Hazel. And, her dad Adam managed to capture a stunning photo to illustrate that. In his Instagram post on July 26, his photo of the two kids revealed a mood that took away the breath of his fans. If you don’t know, he’s an excellent photographer. Self-taught, he nevertheless wows fans with his talent. In the photo that he took this week, the soft tree-filtered sunlight provided the perfect backdrop as Olivia toted Hazel along a mountain track.

Caring Quint For Outdaughtered Twin Olivia, Hazel's A Lightweight
Adam Busby / Instagram

In his caption, the OutDaughtered dad wrote about the closeness that these two sisters nurture.  He wrote, “Love how they take care of each other. Hazel and Olivia have such a special relationship.” Of course, the photo immediately brought to mind Donny Hathaway’s song, “He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother.” In the comments section, some fans recalled that Hazel and her sister Parker Kate had a similar relationship in the past. Presumably, the two sisters still adore each other. But, seeing Olivia reach out to help her little sister was also an emotional moment for Adam Busby’s followers.

Lightweight Burden Of A Special Sister

OutDaughtered fans who commented about Olivia and Hazel Busby also congratulated Adam for capturing the perfect photo. After all, it seemed to illustrate compassion. One fan wrote, “The cutest. I love how each of our pics illustrates so well what u want to say!”

Another TLC fan noted that all of the kids seem to have admirable personalities. They gushed, “They have been raised well All the kids are very loving and caring about each other. Great family values ❤️.”

Do you agree that the kids all seem ready to help their siblings take on the burdens of life? Clearly, for them, it’s not a heavy-duty, but a lightweight issue they are willing to carry. Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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