OutDaughtered Quint Hazel Busby Gets Help Even If She Rejects It

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OutDaughtered fans adore Hazel Busby because they learned to identify her very early on in life. Firstly, she’s the only quint who wears eyeglasses. And secondly, she’s the only kid with stunning red hair.  Of course, it helps that she’s always very sweet with her sisters, and she likes to sneak her stuffed toys into her school bags. Her sisters, especially the twin, Ava and Parker Kate take good care of her, but sometimes, she doesn’t want their help.

OutDaughtered Quint Hazel Seems A Bit Vulnerable

Perhaps because of her eyesight, Hazel was the last quint to learn to swim. Plus, she was the last one to go to cheer camp. Remember, a few years ago, Adam took her off to do something else because she doesn’t have much balance. However, she manages to keep up with her sisters in the classroom. The kids watch out for her at home and at school. In fact, last year when the family went on vacation, Adam snapped a nice photo of Olivia carrying her weary sister on her back as they explored a track.

If one of the OutDaughtered kids gets lost in a corn maze, or even in a mirror maze, it will probably be little Hazel. However, her dad, Adam keeps a close watch on her. This year, he was very proud to discover that his daughter lost her fear of heights. When they went to the Kalahari Resorts for a winter vacation, she didn’t mind the high rides. But, her sisters keep a watch on her anyway. This week, it was Ava and Parker who rushed to help her. But Hazel didn’t want their help.

OutDaughtered Twins Rush To Help Hazel Busby

On January 9, Adam took to his Instagram and shared a series of photos that showed Ava and Parker helping Hazel with her bike. Perhaps she took a tumble. Anyway, in his caption, Adam wrote, “I love their love for each other. I love how they take care of Hazel and want to help her even though sometimes Hazel may not want their help as much as they want to give it….” Well, Hazel’s face looked really funny as she gave her sisters the side-eye.

OutDaughtered Quint Hazel Busby Gets Help Even If She Rejects It
Adam Busby / Instagram

Fan Favorite of the OutDaughtered show, Uncle Dale Mills was one of the first in the comments of the post. He wrote, “Hahahahah!!! This is classic.” Plenty of other fans also got a laugh from both Adam and Uncle Dale. Fans adore him, and they know that of all the quints, she’s his favorite.  Others also joined in and chatted about reluctant Hazel Busby.

TLC Fans Comment

OutDaughtered fans in the comments certainly laughed at the little quint. One of them wrote, “The best Hazel 😍 I love it😍.”

Another adoring fan said, “aww hazel is still parker’s baby haha!!”

This comment also arrived: “ava being the big sister quint… they’re so cute.”

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