OutDaughtered Star Danielle Busby Updates On The Quints At School

Danielle Busby

OutDaughtered stars, Adam and Danielle Busby, went very quiet on social media recently and that meant two possible things: Firstly, they might have gone on vacation without the kids. Secondly, it could be a sign that TLC really is soon going to drop a new season. Well, it turned out that they went on a vacation. Now that they are back, Danielle gave an update on the quints who make progress at school.

OutDaughtered: The Busby Quints Turned Eight This Year

TLC fans still can’t get their heads around those cute baby quints being at school. Of course, they saw that happen on their TVs and poor little Parker Kate suffered a lot of anxiety. Recall, Riley jumped pre-K and went ahead of the rest into kindergarten. However, she later repeated the class with her other sisters. These days, they are all in the same grade but are split into different classes. This week, their mom gave her fans an update on that. Obviously, as they are now eight, they are no longer in kindergarten, and they all seem to be doing well, including Parker.

OutDaughtered Fans feel that they missed out on way too much of the lives of the quints in the last couple of years. Suddenly, the news arrived that the family decided to take a hiatus from the show. Apparently, they all needed some time without the crew hanging around all the time. Actually, many people suspect it was all about Danielle wanting to open her brick-and-mortar Graeson Bee retail outlet. Whatever the reason, fans are still hopeful for a new season of the show. Now that the kids grow a bit older, there should be plenty to update if the new season actually happens.

OutDaughtered: Danielle Busby Shares School Update For The Quints

Three days after confessing that she and Adam left the kids behind and visited Riviera Maya, Danielle shared about the quints. In her Instagram post, she showed the kids on the bus that they ferry the kids around in. Her caption said, “Starting this last week of 2nd grader with neon glow day!” Well, some folks seemed shattered to hear that soon, the kids will go on into Grade 3. Naturally, as there was no show when they were in Grade 2, it was more of a shock.

OutDaughtered Star Danielle Busby Updates On The Quints At School
Danielle Busby / Instagram

OutDaughtered fans took to the comments section and one of them said, “They’re so cute!! [I] can’t believe they’re already almost done with second grade ☹️.”

Others talked about how the kids get split up, and they theorized that this started so they can be treated as individuals. In Grade 2, Hazel and Parker were in the same class. Meanwhile, Riley was with the twins, Olivia and Ava. Hopefully, now that school is nearly out for the summer, TLC fans will see lots of fun adventures coming up.

Other News Involves Blayke

The OutDaughtered mom also updated about Blayke at school. She shared a photo of her oldest daughter with some certificates of achievement. If you don’t know, she just completed Grade 6. Danielle said, “She rocked all her 6th grade honor classes with all A’s & one B!!”

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