Did Adam And Danielle Busby Confirm ‘OutDaughtered’ Season 9?

Adam And Danielle Busby

TLC’s OutDaughtered introduced the Busby family with the only all-girl quintuplets on record in America. The reality show debuted on May 2016, starring Danielle and Adam Busby, their eldest daughter Blayke Busby and their quintuplets Ava, Olivia, Riley, Hazel, and Parker. Before Blayke came as a blessing to the couple, they struggled with infertility. Soon, they opted for intrauterine insemination, and Danielle gave birth to her eldest daughter. After that, they opted for the very same procedure for a second child, but this time around, they ended up having quintuplets that got them a deal for a show on TLC. The show aired for a total of eight seasons but was neither renewed nor canceled thereafter. Now, fans feel that Season 9 might be on the way after an almost two-year gap. Keep reading to find out the details!

Outdaughtered Spoilers – The Renewal

In July 2022, the TLC couple took to their YouTube channel to clarify details regarding the renewal of the show. They shared that the show wasn’t canceled, and they have decided to take an indefinite hiatus from filming due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They also added that they are on great terms with the network and are keeping things open. The reality couple also hinted that they might work again with TLC when the time is right, and they still communicate with the team every now and then.

However, it seems like things might have changed in the past few months. Back in December 2022, Adam Busby took to Instagram and shared a picture with his followers, hinting that a new season might be on the way. In the picture, one of his quintuplets appeared to be holding a professional TV production camera. But, on the other hand, the caption also detailed that the family might have something special coming up very soon for their viewers.


OutDaughtered Updates – Season 9

However, that wasn’t the one and only clue hinting towards and possible Season 9. Earlier this year, Adam again shared a carousel of pictures, among which Ava and Hazel were seen taking charge of the BTS production. Soon, fans picked up on these clues and asked if they would be back for another season.

While the Busbys have remained in touch with their fans via social media and their dedicated YouTube channel, fans want more of them, especially via the TLC cameras. So, hopefully, these hints are an indication of OutDaughtered being renewed for Season 9.

So, do you think TLC has already renewed OutDaughtered for another season? Share your thoughts in the comments!