OutDaughtered Returns: Was Danielle Busby Trolling TLC Fans?

Danielle Busby

OutDaughtered was on hiatus and Adam and Danielle Busby suggested that they would eventually return. However, Danielle said something recently that made fans certain that TLC would not air the show this year, if ever. Well, the good news is that the show is officially returning. But, the bad news is that it seemed like Danielle was deliberately trolling her fans on social media. In fact,m there was no need for her to do that.

OutDaughtered: Adam & Danielle Busby Hint About Season 9?

After their announcement that the family was taking a hiatus, people accepted that it would be about a year before Season 9 dropped. Adam teased about the kids filming. But, it looked like they might have just been filming for his own channel on YouTube. So, some fans took the hints with a pinch of salt. Others thought it might even be longer because Danielle went off to start up her Graeson Bee retail outlet. Anyway, rumors started running around that it might actually be filmed and that it would arrive this summer.

The hope that OutDaughtered would return this summer was completely dashed by Danielle Busby. In late May, very recently, she did a Q&A on Instagram. Bear in mind, every single post that she and Adam put up brings the question: “Is there going to be another season?” She never once answered that question. But suddenly, she decided to answer it on her Instagram. When a fan asked her about it, she replied, saying, “…..maybe…One day.” Obviously, that negative reply made fans feel very sad, and some of them even went off to talk about it not happening. Well, as the show is returning and has been officially announced, it seemed that she simply trolled her followers.

OutDaughtered Fans Trolled By Danielle BusbyMight Not Forgive Her

As folks genuinely went to know if a show is returning, fans might think it seemed rather cruel for Danielle to strongly hint that it might not happen. Will they forgive her? Possibly, that depends on how the new season pans out on TLC. One scene showed her looking a bit like the old grumpy Danielle as she side-eyed Adam. That came when he talked to her about the difficulty of keeping the kids on the straight and narrow while she is away. Actually, he seems to be the main childcarer in the house these days.

OutDaughtered Returns Was Danielle Busby Trolling TLC Fans
TLC / Instagram

It also looks like a great deal of the new OutDaughtered season will be about Danielle working to set up her retail outlet in League City, Houston. Well, why not make the most of paid advertising?  Other spoilers from a teaser dropped by TLC on Instagram revealed that Adam took the kids to their first country dance together. Actually, he covered that extensively on his social media accounts. In reality, those people who follow the couple will see a lot of things that Adam already shared. Apart from that, there is drama as Adam confronts his wife by telling her she’s a “control freak” and “needs “to find some balance.” 

When Does Season 9 Premiere?

OutDaughtered will premiere on July 11 on TLC at 9/8c. Fans who saw the trailer on YouTube seem to be very excited and grateful to see it return. Perhaps they have already forgiven Danielle Busby for trolling them.

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