Is OutDaughtered Returning With A New Season Soon?


TLC’s OutDaughtered featured the Busby family, who welcomed all-girl quintuplets. The reality TV show has aired since 2016, and fans have been closely following the family’s journey. After Season 8 came to a conclusion, the Busby family took a hiatus, leaving fans of the show wondering if a new season was coming. Recently, Danielle Busby gave an update. So, is a new season coming soon? Read on to find out.

OutDaughtered – Danielle Busby Gives An Update

Recently, Danielle and Adam Busby went away on a vacation. Presumably, from the photos, they left the quints, Riley, Ava, Olivia, Hazel, and Parker with friends or family. When they returned, she gave her followers on Instagram an update about the quints and their big sister Blayke. Blayke had done really well at school and got two As and a B. Meanwhile, the quints are moving up into third grade at school. In fact, because so much of their lives was missed by fans once the show went on hiatus, it seems strange to think that the quints are now eight years old. In the comments, people asked when the new season is coming but she didn’t reply.

OutDaughtered fans thought that a ninth season was definitely happening, That’s because Adam Busby has posted photos of the kids messing about with cameras. However, some people think it might just be that he films for his own YouTube channel. Because he sometimes talks about something good coming, fans assume they still film for the show. At the moment there’s a rumor running around on social media that suggest TLC might resume the show this summer. But now, it seems that might not happen.

OutDaughtered Season 9 Coming Soon?

On the weekend, Danielle took to her Instagram Stories and did a Q@A. There, a fan asked about the show. Screenshot by TV Shows Ace, the outlet noted that it seems unusual for Adam or Danielle to respond to questions about a new season. However, fans will be unhappy to hear what Danielle said. Her reply included the words “maybe” and “one day.” Unfortunately, folks can’t comment on Stories, so it’s not clear how many people feel very sad that there is apparently no new season coming soon. In fact, maybe it won’t ever return.

Is OutDaughtered Returning With A New Season Soon
Danielle Busby Via TV ShowsAce

It would be a terrible pity if OutDaughtered doesn’t return because it was a clean, wholesome, and fun show. Still, the family consists of six young girls. Perhaps, they just want a life not packed so full with a filming schedule and a lack of privacy. It’s getting to be an old story now and on Reddit, there hasn’t been much more discussed about a new season. Actually, it seems that as hope fades, everything goes quiet. Even the snarkers forgot to snark recently.

The Kids Are Not So Cute Now

OutDaughtered fans who do talk about a new season think that the kids going on vacation or to the dentist might not be so enticing to viewers. After all, they are not cute little toddlers these days. What are your thoughts? Shout out in the comments below.

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