OutDaughtered Mom Danielle Puts Hazel Busby In The Spotlight

Danielle Busby

OutDaughtered starlet Hazel Busby is just one of six children by Danielle and Adam. The quintuplets and their big sister Blayke mean that the TLC stars have a houseful of pretty little girls. Sometimes, their parents will choose one child and highlight them. Certainly, there’s no getting lost in the crowd in the Busby household. This week, it was Hazel’s turn.

OutDaughtered Hazel Busby Is Easily Identified

Hazel is a fan favorite on the show, and her uncle Dale Mills was the first one to lose his heart to the cute little baby. These days, she seems to be very sweet with her sisters. Notably, she likes to sneak her stuffed toys into her bag when she goes off to school. Additionally, her sisters love to take good care of her. Mind you, she doesn’t always want their help. One thing that fans love about her, is that she is so easy to tell apart from the rest of the children.

OutDaughtered fans know that Hazel Busby is growing into a confident young kid. Fans like her, mainly because she started out being so easy to identify. Her red hair and her eyeglasses make her stand out from the rest of the children. Actually, she started out life with some insecurities, but she manages to face her fears. This week, now that she’s eight, her mom focused on her little redheaded daughter. Probably, she will do the same for all the quints in the future.

OutDaughtered: Spotlight On Hazel Busby

On April 22, Danielle took to her Instagram and shared a sideshow of Hazel. In fact, there were many photos, and they revealed the cute kid from birth through to her eighth birthday. If you don’t know, the quints turned eight in early April. In her caption, Danielle said, “You, my little one, are an extra special kinda soul. You are so loving, helpful, silly and there isn’t one person that comes around you that doesn’t fall in love with you.”

OutDaughtered Mom Danielle Puts Hazel Busby In The Spotlight
Danielle Busby / Instagram

The OutDaughtered mom told her daughter and her fans just how much she admires her daughter. Continuing, she wrote, “I’m so proud of all the obstacles you have overcome ever since you were born at just 2lbs.” Her mom often talks about the nurturing nature that her daughter has and she added, “You bring such a smile to our hearts and I pray your serving character never changes.” Another thing that she loves about Hazel is that she sees the beauty in life. Danielle also told her, “I love …[that] there is so much wonder in your eyes.” 

TLC Fans React

OutDaughtered fans took to the comments and of course, a lot of people said how much they love the first grader. One fan said, “I love the quints but Hazel is so special 💚 Happy birthday little princess 👩‍🦰.”

Another commenter wrote, “I feel a connection with hazel! I am a triplet ( baby C) and I was 2lbs as well.” Actually, that seems very sweet as well.

Of curse, Uncle Dale Mills slid into the comments. Fans know he has a special bond with Hazel Busby. He said, “That’s my ride or die!!”

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