OutDaughtered Starlet Olivia Busby Enjoys The Last Summer With Her Bestie

Olivia Busby

OutDaughtered returns with a new season this year and fans are thrilled because they thought that TLC might not do that. Soon, people will be able to catch up with Blayke and the quints who turned eight years old this year.  In the meantime, Adam Buisby keeps fans updated on his Instagram, and his YouTube channel. This week, he got emotional after Olivia Busby cried because her bestie is moving away.

OutDaughtered Quints Are Growing Up 

Spoilers for the new season revealed that Adam and Danielle Busby were not sure if or when the show would air again. Actually, they took a bit of heat because Danielle was vague. But just days later, TLC dropped the teaser. Anyway, while fans moaned about that, they are still happy to see more of the quints. After all, it’s been some time, and while Adam makes some good videos for It’s A Buzz World, it’s not the same, as watching it on TV.

OutDaughtered fans who love the kids felt irritated that they were kept waiting so long for confirmation that the show returned. Anyway, they are moving on now, and plenty of them went to watch Adam’s new video on YouTube. However, some followers, felt sad for Oliva Busby. Her bestie is moving away and many people can relate to that. Remember how your best friend was going to be forever? So, often, it doesn’t turn out that way. And the heartbreak and hurt can last into adulthood.

OutDaughtered: Olivia Spends Time With Her Bestie This Summer

In the video that Adam made for his It’s A Buzz World channel on YouTube, it was Ava who told the camera that Olivia had been crying. Actually, Adam had to walk away as it almost made him break down on camera as well. He spoke about the pain of kids losing their besties. And, he should know, because he lost his own friend once. Before he got the kids on the bus, he explained that he was trying out a partnership with a nice new camera. Plus, he talked about how “Olivia’s best friend is moving away, so we have to see her as much as possible.”

OutDaughtered Starlet Olivia Busby Enjoys The last Summer With Her Bestie
Ava Spilled About Her Sister Crying / It’s A Buzz World / YouTube

The OutDaughtered kids went and enjoyed some fun at the park, and it was Hazel who seemed to have gotten her confidence with balance. In fact. the kids made a pyramid of themselves so she could stand on top of them. In the summer days to come, Adam Busby promised much more footage of the kids having fun. But for poor Olivia, it will probably be forever touched with a bit of sadness.

TLC Fans React To Olivia Busby’s Loss

OutDaughtered fan, @kllykonczal2240 commented, “When you started to get emotional about Olivia’s friend moving away, it got me! it hurts to see our kiddos hurt.”

Meanwhile, @oliviahepp6941 wrote, “… It made me sad for Olivia that her friend is moving away. I know how that feels… my best friend from Kindergarten moved away in 8th grade from Maryland to England. It’s been almost 6 years.”

Did you ever have a best friend who left town and you lost contact? Does it still hurt you years later? Let us know in the comments below.

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