7 Little Johnstons Spoilers: Is Jonah Johnston Still Dating Ashley?

Jonah Johnston

7 Little Johnstons spoilers reveal that Jonah Johnston’s love life has been a popular topic of conversation lately. As season 12 has returned, fans are curious if we will see him with Ashley, his longtime girlfriend. Amber and Trent Johnston have been through a lot with Jonah and they aren’t sure what is next for him. He has been battling severe anxiety and they are worried that he can’t live alone. With all of this going on, fans are curious what is his relationship status these days.

7 Little Johnstons  Spoilers – Is Jonah Still Dating Ashley?

With Jonah having these severe anxiety issues, many fans think that being at home is safer for him, but does that put a damper on his love life? Throughout the show, we have seen Jonah and Ashley together and we have seen that they have a lot of issues. One of their biggest issues is the fact that they cannot communicate well together. They have been dating for over three years now, but when Jonah got his own place, he didn’t even tell her about it! Fans of the show feel that these two are not a good fit for one another and they were really shocked that he didn’t bother to tell Ashley about the move.

When the show began this season, Jonah and Ashley were still together. From the trailers that we have seen, there is going to be a lot of drama between these two and this makes fans think that they may have broken up.

Jonah Johnston

7 Little Johnstons Updates – The New Season

In one of the clips for the new season, Amber and Trent tell Jonah that he needs to move back in with them. He has been suffering a lot of anxiety since moving out and with this anxiety, he has not put his relationship as a priority in his life. This has put quite a strain on them and this could mean the end for them.

Amber tells Jonah that she went through his phone and when she saw messages between him and Ashley, she wasn’t happy with how he has treated her. Ashley gets really upset that his parents go through his phone and think that it is violating their relationship.

This season is heating up and we will see more of these two in the upcoming episodes.

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