OutDaughtered: Uncle Dale Vs McKenzie Who Won?

Dale Mills

OutDaughtered dad Dale Mills, a.k.a Uncle Dale from the TLC show has a special relationship with his daughter, McKenzie. Actually, she looks a lot like him and they also enjoy similar sports. Blayke Bubsy’s cousin did a trending dance-off against her dad recently. So, He asked his followers who did it better.

OutDaughtered: Uncle Dale & McKenzie

Fans met Mckenzie Mills on the TLC show because of her relationship to Danielle and Adam Busby. She is not a main character, but fans see enough of her to know that she seems very sweet. Her mom, Aunt Kiki, is Danielle’s sister.  Meanwhile, her dad, Uncle Dale, is a fan favorite because he always makes light of tense situations. And, when the quints were smaller, there were plenty of those. But he’s got his own family life, and Uncle Dale is proud of his daughter who plays a brilliant game of golf.

OutDaughtered fans know that sometimes, McKenzie’s brother, Bronson goes out with his dad for a game of golf. Sometimes, he plays baseball. However, they have not yet seen him play tennis like his big sister. Like Blayke, McKenzie is competitive and tries hard at everything she does. Sometimes, she plays in basketball tournaments and things like that. This week, she got competitive with her dad when they danced off in a trending TokTok father/daughter game.

OutDaughtered: Who Won The Dance-Off?

Uncle Dale posted a TikTok video to his Instagram this week and he titled it, “Dad Vs Daughter.” Notably, Dale lost a lot of weight and started working out. So, he looks quite athletic these days. Meanwhile, McKenzei is shooting up and she is going to be a tall young woman. Fit and friendly, she got into her dancing with a sassy smile. Meanwhile, Dale went through his paces as well. However he didn’t seem to be as good as his daughter.

OutDaughtered Uncle Dale Vs McKenzie Who Won
Dale Mills / Instagram

The OutDaughtered support character said in his caption, “Who won? Well let me be honest, How bad did Kenzie beat me?? #thamillsfam #tiktok #trending.” Well, he asked for honesty and one or two replies seemed brutally honest, One unkind follower said, “Ok. Uncle, you have more feminine legs than Kenzie, which is really weird, but Kenzie is way prettier than you. I have to say it. You look like a rabbit.❤️😂”

Other TLC Fans Comment

More OutDaughtered fans had their say and one of them wrote, “You did good. But yeah Kenzie won 😅.”

Others agreed so it certainly seems that Uncle Dale took the second place in the dance-off challenge. Still, he’s always good for a laugh, so probably, he didn’t mind too much.

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