OutDaughtered Cousin Mckenzie Mills Is The Next Lexi Thompson?

Mckenzie Mills

OutDaughtered fans met Mckenzie Mills on the TLC show as she’s the daughter of Danielle Busby’s sister, Crystal, aka Aunt Kiki. Of course, for fans of the show, Aunt Kiki’s husband, Dale Mills needs no introduction. He’s the famous uncle to the quints who gets people laughing all the time. This week, Uncle Dale seemed very proud of his daughter, and some fans wondered if she’ll be the next Lexi Thompson.

OutDaughtered: Mckenzie Mills Is Close To Cousin Blayke Busby

Fans of the show often see that Blayke enjoys hanging out with her cousin, McKenzie. Just a year separates them in age, and often, the two girls play sports on the same team. Actually, the two girls played volleyball in 2021, and when Blayke was in her first tournament, they won. In fact, the two girls also play basketball for the Sharks in League City. More recently, TLC fans were surprised to see that McKenzie and her cousin, Blayke both started playing tennis.

OutDaughtered fans see that often, McKenzie and Blayke will get together with friends and enjoy sleepovers. Clearly, the two cousins are best friends and they also attended the same school. While Blayke has got five sisters, they are quite a lot younger than her. So, it seems nice that she shares a close relationship with her cousin. However, there seems to be one thing that McKenszie does that Blayke hasn’t yet done. And that involves learning the game of gold.

OutDaughtered – Mckenzie Mills Plays Good Golf

On the weekend, Uncle Dale Mills took to his Instagram and shared a video of Mckenzie practicing her golf. Fans who watched it seemed impressed with her ability as she landed on the fairway near the flag and putted the ball into the cup efficiently. In his caption, Dale said, “Kenzie Girl is all in on golf! Proud golf dad.” Additionally, he used the hashtags, “#southshoreharbour” and “#juniorgolf.”

OutDaughtered Cousin Mckenzie Mills Is The Next Lexi Thompson
Dale Mills / Instagram

It’s not the first time OutDaughtered fans heard about the Bubsy cousin playing golf. At the end of February, Dale told his followers that his daughter was selected for the middle school golf team. Actually, his son Bronson is also a keen golfer, and sometimes, TLC fans see him and his dad out don’t on the golf course.  Fans who commented seemed impressed with Mckenzie’s ability.

The Next Lexi Thompson?

One OutDaughtered fan was so impressed, that they wondered, “Is she the..new Michelle Wie or Lexi Thompson?👍 She looks like a natural talent🏌️👏.”  

Well, that is a nice compliment, but there’s no way that she can be the next Lexi. If you follow golf, you’ll know that by the time she was McKenzie’s age, Lexi had already qualified to play in the U.S. Women’s Open. Still, there’s always the chance that Kenzi girl will do well at the sport as the years go by.

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