OutDaughtered: Day Two Of Back-To-School – Where Is Danielle Busby?

Danielle Busby

OutDaughtered fans were so happy when the TLC show returned after a long hiatus. Soon, they were commenting on how big the kids all became. They also noted that Danielle seemed to be grumpier than usual.

And, they couldn’t help but notice what a great girl dad Adam turned out to be. He posted about the kids going back to school. On the second day, Danielle shared some news. She was going away. Where was she off to? Read on to find out.

OutDaughtered: Fun Times Are Over – Back To School

During the summer, the Busby quints and their big sister Blayke had a blast as usual. They all went off to the Frio River and shared a house with a whole of friends.

They went fishing, and TLC fans saw that the girls were not all that good at it. Meanwhile, they saw that Danielle seems very grumpy with her husband all the time and that she’s quite toxic.

On social media, fans wonder if now that he looks after the girls while she runs Graeson Bee, she becomes a bit arrogant.

On August 23, Danielle shared a photo of Hazel and she looked really cute. These days, it’s more often that Outdaughtered star Adam Busby does that.

Probably, it’s because he spends much more time with the kids than Danielle does these days. Just before the premiere, he shared a throwback photo of Hazel that reminded fans of how big the girls have gotten since they took their hiatus.

OutDaughtered: Danielle Busby Shares About Hazel

When Danielle posted her photo of Hazel on her Instagram stories, she said, “Forgot to post this earlier!!” She added, “But how cute is my Hazel Basil flower child?”

In the photo, the cute kid with red hair wore a back top and long black pants with flowers printed on them. She posed sweetly and gave the camera a V sign.

The kids all model clothing for their mom’s retail, store, so they are used to being photographed often.

Danielle Shares Photo of Hazel Busby
Danielle Busby/ Instagram Stories

OutDaughtered fans still consider Hazel one of their favorite quints. Olivia and Ava seem too difficult to tell apart. Meanwhile, Riley and Parker are also similar in looks.

But Hazel, with her eyeglasses and red hair, can’t be missed in the crowd. No doubt, fans who saw the photo of flower-power Hazel liked it a lot. Hazel and her sisters are in Grade 3 this year, and the photo came on the second day of school.

Back-To-School Day 2

The OutDaughtered mom also shared another post. This time, Riley was in the picture as her mom took a selfie. Danielle looked cool in pink with short pants.

Meanwhile, Riley had her hair pulled back and she dressed in a blue shirt, a tee, and blue shoes. In the caption, the TLC star wrote, “2nd day of school and Mama is off to Dallas for market.” Later, she shared a few things that she saw in Dallas.

OutDaughtered Day Two Of Back-To-School - Where Is Danielle Busby
Danielle Busby/ Instagram Stories

What do you think of Danielle being away a lot these days and Adam raising the girls? Let us know in the comments below.

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