OutDaughtered: Busby Summer Vacay Hectic With Kids

OutDaughtered: Busby Summer Vacay Hectic With KidsOutDaughtered fans know that Adam and Danielle Busby often take the kids on vacations. Special holidays don’t get missed, and the kids have their favorite destinations. This summer, they went to a place they visited in the past: The Frio River. However, a lot of other people also went there, so it sounds like things got a bit hectic.

OutDaughtered: Vacations Aplenty For The Busby Family

Sometimes, Adam and his wife take short vacations without the kids. They say that it helps to keep their marriage strong. But other times, they take the entire family along. TLC fans saw them take a spring break in Texas at the Woodlands Resort and Conference Center. Plus they often squeeze in trips to waterparks. Often, they catch up with relatives like Uncle Dale and Aunty Kiki. But this time, many more people joined them.

OutDaughtered fans learned about Splashway Park being a family favorite back in 2021. Since then, they returned there multiple times. Plus, they have been seen out in the woodlands and wilderness on other occasions. This year, their vacation came over the Fourth of July holiday, and the kids enjoyed a lot of fun activities.

OutDaughtered: Six Busby Kids And Many More On Vacation

When Adam Busby shared about the Fourth of July vacation on his Instagram stories, he directed fans to his own YouTube channel. There he said, “We headed back to the Frio River for the 4th of July. We look forward to this trip every summer. Finding Minnows on the creek, swinging on rope swings, and Dancing the night away at the Garner Dance are just a few of our Favs.” Actually, TLC fans have seen the family visit there before. But this time, it seemed that things got quite hectic with the sheer number of people they caught up with.

OutDaughtered Busby Summer Vacay Hectic With Kids
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If you love kids a LOT, you might have wished to be on vacation with the OutDaughtered cast. In the video, Adam explained that they took their own six kids. However, they also shared a single house with “six other families.” Plus, he said that at least some of them also have multiple children, like about “three.” Mind you, TLC fans will have to try and imagine the chaos of a whole tribe of excited kids, because he was careful to keep his camera only on his own family.

Fans comment on YouTube

OutDaughtered fans always enjoy seeing Adam Busby’s videos. Actually, he seems quite good at making them these days. One of them,@dc246 said, “I love your family. I’ve been watching your YouTube videos since the quints were born. You and Danielle have done a wonderful job with all six of your children. They are all growing up so well adjusted, smart, healthy, and well rounded. I really enjoyed this episode.” 

They weren’t even there with all the active kids, and they added, “I was getting dizzy, watching the show, but maybe I’m just getting old!”

Meanwhile, @GET__ROBUX__ON_MY_PROFILE.5K wrote, “Kudos to you for another outstanding video! Your dedication and creativity shine through. Keep inspiring us with your content.”

You can watch the video below, but remember to come back and let us know your thoughts about the hectic summer vacation.

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