Bachelor In Paradise Star Jade Liz Roper Suffers A Miscarriage

Jade Liz Roper

Bachelor in Paradise (BiP) star Jade Liz Roper shares three adorable kids with her husband, Tanner Tolbert. This week, the ABC star shared some very sad news because she suffered a miscarriage.

There’s a really tragic twist to the story that she related on her social media.

Bachelor In Paradise: Jade Liz Roper & Tanner Lose A Baby

The couple previously lost a baby soon after they became connected on the island. Now, after three other babies came along, she is going through a torrid time.

Unfortunately, they have lost anotehr child., Actually, it seems worse because her fans were unaware of the pregnancy. Reed and Brooks and their big sister Emmy are okay, but right now, their parents grieve for a child that will never play with them.

Viewers of Bachelor In Paradise have been impressed by how caring Jade is as a mom. All of their kids seem to be happy children and they nurture each other.

Brooks is especially sweet with his brother Reed. Meanwhile, Emmy is a pretty child who also seems to be a kind big sister.

Right now, the three children will hopefully cheer up their mom and dad as they deal with the loss of a sibling for them

Bachelor In Paradise: Jade Liz Roper Shares About her Miscarriage

On Sunday, the ABC star took to her Instagram and shared a photo of herself holding her tummy. Sadly, it wasn’t a pregnancy announcement.

She wrote in her caption, “I’ve been struggling [with] what to write here as I’ve been navigating a miscarriage.” Then she talked about how they looked forward to this new baby so much. She added, “It felt like all my dreams were coming true to welcome another baby into our lives, to love and to complete our family.” 

Bachelor In Paradise Star Jade Liz Roper Suffers A Miscarriage
Jade Liz Roper / Instagram

The Bachelor In Paradise star talked about the terrible sense of loss and spoke about how for just a while, they were “touched by his soul.” So, it was another little boy.

The grief is momentous, and Jaze Roper explained, “I am forever changed.” But there’s more and that seemed to make it even more tragic. Apparently, the child died inside her womb, and they only just found out.

Still Carrying The Baby

Bachelor In Paradise fans’ hearts went out to the wife of Tanner Tolbert as she explained, “…my body hasn’t released the pregnancy yet. I am hoping to do this naturally and am trusting in timing and in my body under the care of my provider.”

So, she still carries her baby even though he already passed away. Jade wrote, “I’ve been carrying him with so much pride and cherish every moment still left with part of him, but it has also been equally as challenging and devastating. So while I hold my belly here, our sweet baby’s body is resting in my womb as his soul soars.” 

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