OutDaughtered Fans Cheer For Hazel Busby’s Eye Doctor

Hazel Busby

OutDaughtered returned for Season 9 after nearly a two-year break. Actually, the girls are much bigger than they used to be.

However, one thing remained the same: Hazel Busby wears her eyeglasses. In Episode 6, the red-headed quint visited her eye doctor and fans stand for it. So, what did the doctor do that made TLC viewers cheer? Read on to find out.

OutDaughtered: Hazel Busby Still Uses Her Eyeglasses

TLC fans always like Hazel because of her different-colored hair. That meant that they could easily pick her out from the rest of the quints.

Riley and Parker, as well as the twins, Olivia and Ava all had blonde hair. Unfortunately, they all looked very similar, especially when they were babies.

TLC fans also had an extra helping hand in identifying Hazel because she got eyeglasses at an early age. If you don’t know, she suffers from nystagmus, which causes her eyes to flutter.

OutDaughtered fans who follow Adam on his YouTube account saw that last year, the family went to Kalahari Resorts at Round Rock for a vacation.

There, it was Hazel who got lost in the maze. However, it might be a bit harder for her because of her glasses. She finally emerged from the mirror maze to the relief of her dad.

But she’s had issues with her eyes for a long time, and could still require surgery in the future. So in the new season, fans saw her back at the eye doctor.

OutDaughtered Fans Cheer For The Eye Doctor

On August 15, u/FunFactress shared the synopsis for Season 9 Episdoe 6 on Reddit. Fans hated to see that once again, Adam and Danielle seem to be playing a role in being not all that close as husband and wife.

Anyway, TLC no doubt have to give them some drama to keep fans talking. Blayke is the older girl, and she also takes a back seat to her little sisters.

Meanwhile, Hazel went to see a new eye doctor. She didn’t see the one that they previously used that fans saw on the show.

OutDaughtered Fans Cheer For Hazel Busby's Eye Doctor
u/FunFactress / Reddit

The conversation on Reddit ranged from some Outdaughtered fans feeling sorry for Blayke always having to put up with her many sisters, to Adam and Danielle’s tiff.

They also talked about how the kids arranged a spa for their mom.  However, a lot of them focused on Hazel. Additionally, they discussed how much they liked the eye doctor. Why is that?  Read on to find out what impressed them.

Doctor Doesn’t Want TV Show Fame

OutDaughtered fans seemed impressed that the doctor didn’t steal the show. One of them wrote:

I thought it was a good sign that Hazel’s new eye doctor didn’t want to be filmed for the show. That’s the mark of a true professional – Hazel’s health was her primary concern. Not getting her 15 minutes of fame.”

Then the commenter added, “Hazel said she was nice and chose going back to her vs. her previous doctor. All positive stuff!”

Others agreed that it was a good aspect of the doctor. A reply read, “Agree! I’m always suspicious of doctors on TV.”

What are your thoughts? Shout out in the comments below.

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