Bachelor In Paradise Star Jade Liz Roper Suffers Complications After Baby Died?

Jade Liz Roper

Bachelor in Paradise (BiP) star Jade Liz Roper successfully welcomed three lovely kids with her husband, Tanner Tolbert. Emmy, Brooks, and Reed came after they lost a baby soon after they fell in love on ABC’s island.

Recently, she told her followers the sad news that she just lost a baby and now it seems she has some complications after the baby died.

Bachelor In Paradise: Jade Liz Roper & Tanner Were Given Tragic News

It’s been a terrible week for the two stars because the news arrived that she fell pregnant with their fourth child. Unfortunately, it didn’t last full term.

Sadly, when she went for a checkup, medical professionals discovered that the baby had died inside her womb. As if that news wasn’t bad enough, the child had passed away sometime before the discovery.

In her post about it, the ABC star told her fans that she was hoping to pass the little fetus naturally rather than with medical intervention.

Viewers of Bachelor In Paradise were not aware that Jade Liz Roper expected another baby. After all, at one stage, they talked about no more kids. Tanner even considered getting the snip.

Still, now that they were expecting, Jade really didn’t want to let go of her newest child. So, she treasured the slow farewell to her son.

She said, “I am forever changed.” Additionally, she talked about how hard it is to let go. And she explained that her miscarriage is known as a “missed miscarriage.”

 Jade Liz Roper Is In The ER With Complications?

As the BiP star wants to let her body naturally expel her baby, did she end up with complications from that? It now emerges that she felt really bad.

So, she went under the care of medical professionals in the ER. Taking to her Instagram Stories, she said that Tanner was with her, and he was trying to get her “to smile.”However, she clearly didn’t feel too happy about life.

She explained, “At the ER, woke up feeling awful and needed stat blood work and an ultrasound.” Next, she talked about her “missed miscarriage,” saying “my body isn’t releasing the pregnancy. Worried a bit about infection, so here we are.”

Bachelor In Paradise Star Jade Liz Roper Suffers Complications After Baby Died
@jadelizroper / Instagram Stories

Jade Liz Roper still seems to want to keep the baby inside of her until it comes out naturally. Maybe she got some critics in her DMs, because she said, “Please respect my choice to try and go through this route naturally.”

Mind you she clearly has got some kind messages because she also talked about “all the love and support” that she got.

Update On Infection

Jade Liz Roper later updated after they got the result of her tests in the ER. In fact, they were able to go home. She said that her body still produces “hCG” which apparently makes her body think that she is still carrying a live baby

As she should have passed the dead child ages ago, it seems really strange. She wrote, “My body shouldn’t be doing this,” adding, “It’s like it’s in denial.” Additionally, she noted that there was “no infection” in her bloodwork.

No Infection For Jade
@jadelizroper / Instagram Stories

Although she continues to carry her deceased baby for now, it’s not clear why she woke up feeling so awful.

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