Sister Wives: How Old Was Ariella Mae Brown In Season 18?

Ariella Mae Brown

Sister Wives Season 18 is playing out right now, and fans see more of Ariella Mae Brown, the daughter of Robyn and Kody. TLC fans hardly ever see much of the younger sister of Solomon (12) at the time that the current season was filmed. So, how old was the little girl when the season was filmed?

Sister Wives Robyn & Kody Brown Don’t Post About Ariella Mae

TLC fans simply don’t see Ariella on social media at all, unless one of the other cast members shares a photo. Until a couple of years ago, Meri occasionally posted photos of her.

Just under a year ago, when the show was filmed, her “mom” shared a photo of Robyn’s daughter and fans agreed that she really was turning into a very pretty child. In an Instagram post, she told her followers that the kid brings “sunshine” into her life. Actually, fans agreed that her smile could melt a steel heart.

Sister Wives fans saw Ariella Brown go to school in a recent season of the TLC show. Recall, Kody had to go and speak with the teacher because she invaded the space of another kid.

So, that wasn’t a stellar day for her. If you don’t know, it was decided after Christine, Janelle, and Meri left Kody, that the execs would bring more about parenting. Clearly, the wives failed, but perhaps people will be more interested in the children. Well in Season 18, folks are fuming about Kody’s parenting in regards to Janelle’s children whom he ghosted at Christmas.

Sister Wives: Ariella Mae Brown At Christmas In Season 18

Right now, people discuss the daughter of Kody and Robyn because they saw her in scenes when the holidays rolled around. The lucky little girl got two Christmases which meant extra presents. That is because some of Christine’s daughters went to visit them. That ended up in an overnighter. Not wanting her kids to miss out when Christine’s kids opened gifts, Robyn made sure to give more to her children. Mind you, they already got expensive gifts from their mom and dad.

Sister Wives How Old Was Ariella Mae Brown In Season 18
@kodys_ex_wives / Instagram

Sister Wives fans couldn’t help but notice that Ariella Mae could speak but with some difficulty because she still used a pacifier in the show. Well, the show runs a long way behind real-life events so people just saw Christmas 2022 play out. There is fury raging because Kody ignored Janelle’s kids and he wasn’t talking to any of Janelle’s sons or Savanah who didn’t even get a secondhand sock as a gift from him. Naturally, everyone talks about the kids right now.

How Old Was Ariella?

Sister Wives chatter on social focuses on Ariella and the pacifier. Some people complain that she’s way too old for a pacifier. So, how old was she at the time of filming? Robyn and Kody’s youngest child arrived in January of 2016. According to Screenrant, the show was filmed in late 2022. So, when the scenes currently playing out were filmed, Ariella May Brown was just shy of turning seven years old.

One follower of the @kodys_ex_wives account on Instagram opined, “I feel like Robyn has ari still using a pacifier to keep her a baby. She sees what kody does to the other kids who grow up so she’s gotta keep her little ones ‘little.”

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