Giving Birth to Twins – Natural or C-Section?

Giving Birth to Twins - Natural or C-Section

Getting pregnant with twins is exciting until the time you have to give birth. In all honesty, giving birth is a very sensitive and beautiful mother’s experience and even more complex when you have twins.

I Kept A Journal During My Pregnancy

During my pregnancy, I kept on thinking about the events that would happen when giving birth. In fact, I had a journal where I would write some of my thoughts on the issue. Nonetheless, something that I was extremely unsure about was the possibility of giving birth naturally.  That is because I had heard many rumors and read many articles online concerning the same. To be honest with you, I wasn’t quite satisfied with all the information I received.

On the other hand, I was quite curious whether some factors influence the type of birth. I decided to ask for help from one of my trusted friend who is a doctor.

There are several Factors In Play When Deciding The Type of Birth

Interestingly, I found out that there were several factors in play that affect the type of birth a mother would go through especially for the C-Section birth.

Well, genuinely speaking, I preferred giving birth naturally. That is because it was much easier for me. I was not comfortable with the idea of ending up with stitches on my belly. Sadly, the truth is that the C-Section may be the lesser painful way but causes more harm to your belly. Furthermore, you have high risks of having difficulties with future pregnancies. Therefore, only choose that option if advised by your physician.

Well, tons of people have asked me how I managed to give birth to twins through the natural way. It wasn’t as easy as you may think, but it is possible.

During my early pregnancy months, I took a considerable amount of time doing some physical exercises. The exercises were aimed at strengthening my muscles. Remember, childbirth is all about the contraction and relaxation of muscles inside the body.

Perhaps you may be afraid of natural birth. Well, it has been proven that natural birth is safe especially if the twins are in a vertex position, which is the same position for single babies.

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