Visiting Palermo, Italy with the Kids: What to Do While You’re There

Visiting Palermo with the Kids: What to Do While You're There

As you know, there are few things I like better than the chance to explore a beautiful place with the most wonderful people in my life, my three daughters, Ava, Ella, and Rose.

Palermo,  Italy is an incredible Italian destination for the whole family to enjoy, even if it’s earned a bit of a shaky reputation in the past. There’s a bunch of different family and kid-friendly activities to try, which means that just a couple of hours of planning can leave you with a vacation your whole family is sure to remember for a lifetime.

Here are a few of the places we recommend you check out while you’re on your Italian vacation.

The Palermo Cathedral

Italy really knows how to show off a beautiful old building. The Palermo Cathedral is a Roman architectural marvel that was erected in the 12th century. Make sure to take the time to go early and avoid the crowds, and try to learn a few key facts before you go so you can share stories with the kids, and make them feel like they’re princesses in their very own castle.

The Palermo Walking Tour

If you have three hours to kill, then I fully recommend checking out the Palermo walking tour. Join up with a guide and a group of other families to walk through the most historic parts of the city, and enjoy some stunning outdoor markets. While you’re there, you’ll have the chance to sample some great Palermo street foods too! Delicious!

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Riserva Naturale

For an uncrowded beach experience that the whole family will enjoy, head to Riserva Naturale. You won’t find a lot of sand here, so you might want to leave the buckets at home, but there’s plenty of clear water to paddle in. Plus, you can hire a small boat if you want to go out and see the fish up close and personal.

Giardino Garibaldi

A park, unlike anything you’ve ever seen, the Giardino Garibaldi is a great place to relax after you’ve done a lot of walking. With plenty of unusual trees to enjoy and lots of natural spaces to explore, you can get away from the chaos of the city for an hour or two. There are plenty of benches around to sit down and take a breather too!

As always, make sure you take plenty of water for the kids, to keep them hydrated, and snap as many pictures as you can! Trust me, there are plenty of opportunities to fill up the scrapbook here.

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