Plan An Affordable Caribbean Vacation In Lovely Haiti


Haiti is a Caribbean paradise with golden beaches, clear turquoise waters, and misty mountains, as well as fascinating culture and history.

Many travelers love the Caribbean, with its choice of gorgeous islands, but Haiti doesn’t always come immediately to mind. This fascinating country shares Hispaniola, the second largest island in the Caribbean, with the Dominican Republic. With its culture and history, the cities and towns are fascinating to visit, while the beaches and clear turquoise waters are always a draw.

While Haiti is an affordable destination at most times, discounted flights are available for later this year following the COVID-19 pandemic. The following are some recommended places to visit in Haiti, including beaches, waterfalls, and more.

Labadee beach


Labadee is a secluded destination, with white sand beaches and crystal-clear water. The destination is a private port, owned by the Royal Caribbean International cruise company. Besides the gorgeous beaches, visitors can enjoy unique retail therapy at a selection of Haitian vendors, dine on local cuisine, try out ziplining or have fun with all types of water sports. Another unusual adventure is climbing the only icebergs in the Caribbean at Arawak Aqua Park.

Labadee Ziplining Tour

Speaking of ziplining, the Dragon’s Breath Flight Line is a popular option to choose. This zipline offers birds-eye views of the island, usually not available to hikers. The zipline includes a drop from the mountain tops all the way down to the beach.

Haiti People

Bassin Bleu Waterfall

For those looking for beauty and peace in nature, Bassin Bleu is a pretty secluded waterfall. The waterfall is accessed by a trail that leads to the basin. Once here, visitors can spend an enjoyable time jumping from the waterfalls and swimming in the clear, turquoise water below. There is also plenty of lush vegetation for chilling out in privacy in the shade with a picnic.

Kokoye Beach

Heading back to the beach, Kokoye Beach is an idyllic spot, with clean white sand, waving palm trees, and turquoise waters. Besides lazing on the sand, Kokoye Beach is a popular spot for snorkeling. What makes this location perfect for those who want peace and quiet, the beach is only accessible on foot or by boat. This truly takes you away from the crowds of the Caribbean destination.

Haiti Cruise

Saut-Mathurine Waterfall

Saut-Mathurine is the largest waterfall in the area and is located southwest of Haiti. The waterfall is fed by the Rivière de Cavaillon, which is also accessible for swimming and paddling. Saut-Mathurine is available by road, which offers beautiful vistas over the country while winding through lush greenery. This is another perfect spot for a picnic.

Gelee Beach

This charming beach is the longest stretch of sand in Haiti and is backed by waving coconut palms. While relaxing on the white sand, visitors can watch the fishing boats on the horizon. Gelee is not a secluded beach, so there are many seafood restaurants accessible close by, offering daily specials. In August, the Fete Notre Dame festival is held here, when the beach is packed with musicians and dancers. One fascinating aspect is the beach’s proximity to nearby pasturelands. It isn’t unusual to come across the occasional roaming cow while relaxing on the beach.

Cheap Flights To Haiti

Haiti is an affordable destination at most times of the year. However, booking a flight later in 2020 offers the chance of discounts of up to 67 percent off. As reported by Lonely Planet, these flights are available at the end of the off-season in Haiti, which normally lasts through October. This allows US visitors to avoid the first chill of winter this year while enjoying perfect temperatures in Haiti.

Try an affordable and exciting Caribbean vacation in Haiti later this year to enjoy the beaches, waterfalls, nature, dining, and history of this beautiful destination.

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