7 Ways to Teach Kids About Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is about more than just turkey and mashed potatoes. If you are looking to teach your kids more about this wonderful and history rich holiday, take a look at some helpful tips below. Below you will find 7 ways to teach kids about Thanksgiving that are both fun and … [Read more...]

The Most Delicious Chocolate Chip Pancakes


Try spicing up your breakfast menu with these amazing chocolate chip pancakes. Not only will your children love eating the pancakes, but they enjoy making them too. The recipe is simple and ingredients are can easily be found in most … [Read more...]

Stuffed Christmas Tree Craft For Children

Stuffed Christmas Tree Craft For Children

  It's too soon to put up your Christmas tree, but it's not too early to get into the holiday spirit! This stuffed Christmas Tree is a perfect craft for elementary aged children. Younger children can also have fun making this craft with the help of larger … [Read more...]

Things to Know About The Meningococcal Disease

Things to Know About The Meningococcal Disease

Protecting our children from the very moment they are born is part of our natural makeup. We agonize over every little decision from choosing the perfect name to setting up the nursery. Breast or bottle? Is that a cry of hunger or discomfort? Are they warm enough? Too warm? … [Read more...]

Three Baby Shower Themes for Fall That Will Be Trendy This Year

Young Women having a baby Shower

Fall is quickly approaching, and if you are thinking ahead to a baby shower you will be hosting when the months get a bit cooler, check out these ideas that will be trendy this year- and for good reason! They can be used for co-ed showers or parents-to-be with any style.  … [Read more...]