Truly Relax On A Silent Getaway At Incredible Destinations


After a chaotic year of the pandemic, many travelers are looking for true peace and quiet and this is where they can find it.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been going on for more than a year. People are longing to travel again and to try out new and exciting destinations. According to a new survey, many of those people are looking for somewhere so peaceful, you could actually hear a pin drop. As places gradually start reopening around the world, let’s take a brief look at some truly peaceful destinations.

Enjoy A Silent Getaway This Year

According to a survey run by Original Travel, around 63 percent of travelers believe peace and quiet is an important element for a great vacation. Around a third of those polled said this need has been heightened by the effects of the pandemic.
What is important to note is that taking a silent vacation doesn’t mean it has to be boring. The travel company has put together a selection of “pin-drop” packages that incorporate the best local scenery, as well as culture and tradition, for an unforgettable and peaceful trip. Here are some examples of the best silent destinations in the world.

Lofoten Islands

Explore The Madagascan Rainforest

This is the ideal trip for anyone fond of wildlife and nature in general. On the land, trek through the rainforests, meeting the lemurs of Madagascar and other local wildlife. Alternatively enjoy a guided night walk in the rainforest, taking in all the sounds of nature. Head to the beautiful beaches and try out your skills at snorkeling in the crystal clear water, gazing at the myriad of marine life. Imagine staying in a historical Malagasy cabana, while dining on the island’s best cuisine at the Rianasoa Waterfall close by. Sounds like magic to us!

Ladakh in India

Norway’s Remote Lofoten Islands

A six-day road trip around Norway’s Lofoten Islands is a truly beautiful and peaceful way to spend a vacation. The remote islands form an archipelago, connected by a ribbon of roads and bridges. As you drive, take in the dramatic fjords of Norway, explore the tiny fishing villages, or try your hand at coastal kayaking and hill hiking. In between, dine on freshly caught seafood, gazing at the views. Stopover on the side of the road to sit and gaze at the view in perfect silence.


Visit Rural Ladakh In India

A 12-day trip takes travelers into the north of India to experience traditional rural life upfront and personally. Stay away from the bustling cities and towns and enjoy the beautiful, surrounding mountainous scenery while visiting traditional Tibetan Buddhist communities. Buddhists from the Thiksey Monastery encourage visitors to accompany them at sunrise prayers, which is a perfect way to find your inner peace and truly relax.

Bhutan Trekking Adventure In The Himalayas

Head to Bhutan for an amazing journey, visiting the famous Dagala Thousand Lakes of the Himalayas, visit the country’s most iconic and beautiful monasteries, or try your paddle at white water rafting. The journey can be challenging at times, but the beautiful surrounding views more than makeup for it, with the surrounding soaring peaks and crystal-clear lakes. This iconic trek includes all camping equipment, along with guides and cooks for the evening meals

If you are in the mood for getting away in peace and perfect quiet, find out more about these and other “pin-drop” adventures on the Original Travel website.

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