Surfs Up As Costa Rica Playa Hermosa Becomes The Next World Surfing Reserve

Costa Rica

Surfers have a choice of wonderful destinations throughout the world to enjoy their sport, but Costa Rica offers something truly special.

Save the Waves is an international, non-profit organization that has created a program called World Surfing Reserve. The organization is dedicated to protecting surf ecosystems throughout the world. Each year just one surfing destination receives the award, and this year it is going to Playa Hermosa in Costa Rica.

Playa Hermosa Awarded World Surfing Reserve

Save the Waves awards the World Surfing Reserve attribution to destinations known for their world-class waves. However, another criterion is the rich biodiversity of that area, along with a clear conservation vision and strong community support. Each year, various prime surfing locations around the world submit applications to be awarded the World Surfing Reserve title. Only one location is awarded annually.

Costa Rica

Playa Hermosa has become the first Central American beach to be awarded the coveted title of World Surfing Reserve. This is due to the countries all-out effort to protect the environment and the various iconic species of plants, reptiles, birds, and animals in Costa Rica. The country has reduced its carbon footprint on the world and continues to find ways to protect both the environment and its wildlife.

About Playa Hermosa

Playa Hermosa is among the most popular surfing beaches in Costa Rica. The beach is located on the central Pacific coast of the country and offers some of the most consistent waves in the world. However, those new to the sport should beware, as there are huge waves and strong riptides to be experienced here. However, Jacó offers gentler breaks.

Playa Hermosa is the 13th surfing destination in the world to be awarded the coveted title, placing it alongside such surf locations as Malibu in California and the Gold Coast in Australia.

Costa Rica

The beach is five miles long and welcomes surfing enthusiasts from all over the world. 2009 saw the ISA World Surf Championship held here. Besides the surfing aspect, the beach gets the name Playa Hermosa (Beautiful Beach) due to its sheer loveliness. So far, the beach hasn´t managed to avoid major tourist development, as condos are popping up along the beach. However, for now, it is still a beautiful and slow-paced beach village, perfect for chilling out.

Other Surf Locations In Costa Rica

There are four zones in Costa Rica that offer excellent surfing. These include the Central, Northern, Southern, and Northern Pacific coasts and the Caribbean coast. However, the Pacific coast is where most of the great surfing destinations are to be found. The majority are located in the northwestern province of Guanacaste, where Playa Hermosa is placed.

Gustavo Segura Sancho, tourism minister in Costa Rica, said in a statement, “We are thrilled that our beautiful Playa Hermosa has been added to the prestigious WSR list.”

“With more than 900 miles of coastline and ideal surfing conditions year-round, Costa Rica offers a wealth of surfing opportunities for both novices and experienced surfers.” Read more about Costa Rica and its conservation efforts here.

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