Audrey Roloff Is Taking The Kids To Disneyland For The First Time

Audrey Roloff

Audrey Roloff, unlike her sister-in-law, Tori Roloff, hasn’t taken her kids to Disneyland yet. Of course, it’s amazing for kids to experience it for the very first time, and Ember, Bode, and Radley will soon visit the magical kingdom. When the Little People Big World (LPBW) alum broke the news, the kids reacted and Bode completely missed the point.

Audrey Roloff Takes The Kids To Disney & They Never Went There Before

Tori has been going to Disneyland since she was a kid. So, she made sure that Jackson, Lilah, and even Josiah visited the place already. Actually, before the arrival of Josiah, she took Jackson along all by himself. At the time, she felt that little Lilah was too young to enjoy the experience. Possibly, that’s because the first time Jackson went, he hurt his arm and got an ear infection. Additionally, some of the amusement attendants felt that Jackson was too small to use rides.

The children that Audrey Roloff raises are close in age to Tori’s kids, and certainly, Ember is likely to have a blast. The last time that Tori took Lilah, she seemed old enough to enjoy it. So, probably Bode will also have a lot of fun. Meanwhile, Radley’s still a little toddler, but Audrey probably won’t leave him with someone. Notably, she seldom leaves her kids with others and they always try and do full family vacations. This week, the former LPBW star shared how she made the grand announcement to her children.

Audrey Roloff Celebrated Disney With Micky Mouse Ear Balloons

On February 20, 2023, the TLC alum got out her Mickey Mouse Ears and blew up the balloons. Then, she gathered the kids in the lounge where Radley seemed to be fascinated by the pretty colors. Next, she swung the balloons around and announced their fun vacation. How did the kids react? Well, according to the caption, “Ember is ecstatic to meet the princesses👸🏼.” Meanwhile, Radley just wanted to catch the balloons. However, it was Bode who brought the laughs.

Audrey Roloff Is Taking The Kids To Disneyland For The First Time
Audrey Roloff / Instagram

Audrey Roloff explained that she shouted out, “We’re going to Disneyland!” However, all Bode could say was “Balloons!!” Clearly, her son isn’t aware that he’s going to a very special place. Talking of specials, did you know that you still have until March 16 to enter the Disney Sweepstakes? The entertainment kingdom is offering a vacation with flights thrown in for four people. Plus, there are plenty of nice prizes the like Magical Casa Madrigal Play Set for lucky winners.

Little People Big World Fans React In The Comments

Those people who experienced taking the kids to Disneyland thought that Audrey Roloff and the kids would enjoy a wonderful time. One of them opined, “I think they don’t really know, what Disney Land really it’s like, but I’m pretty sure they are going to be excited to go and they are going to love it. Next time you go with them, the announcement reaction it’s going to be epic.🤷🏻‍♀️💟😅.”

Another follower said to the TLC alum, “Have a great time at Disneyland. It really is the most magical place.”

When a follower asked if the trip to Disney was sponsored, Audrey replied, saying, “negative.” 

Did you ever take your kids to Disneyland? Let us know in the comments below, how they enjoyed it.

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