Sister Wives Kiddo Alex Brush Reveals Sheer Wonder On His Face

Sister Wives

Sister Wives spoilers revealed that Maddie Brown Brush welcomed her third child and fans wondered how Evie and Axel Brush took to the new addition. Of course, it’s not an easy adjustment for any kid when a new sibling arrives. However, Axel went through it before, and his mom shared a photo that showed sheer wonder on his face.

Sister Wives Kids Evie And Axel Brush React To Their New Sibling

Josephine Lee Brush looks very cute and TLC fans rushed to congratulate her mom. Actually, the cute baby has already produced some facial expressions that indicate the type of personality she might have when she grows up. Naturally, Janelle Brown has spent time with her newest grandchild. However, she’s also very careful to spend time with Alex and Evie as well. She’s always treasured the grandkids and probably, she made a special effort to let them know that they still matter. After all, it’s not unknown that little children struggle to adapt to a new normal.

Sister Wives fans asked Maddie how Evie is coping with Josephine in the home. After all, she was the baby in the family. Actually, they heard that when Axel first met his little sister, Evie he regressed and took to his pacifier again. Fortunately, he’s cool with Josephine. Meanwhile, Maddie admitted that the house is hectic and new changes affected Evie for a bit. After all, Maddie doesn’t take the kids to school at the moment. So, Evie wanted some “validation” as new routines interrupted the way things were. However, overall, she’s generally good with Josephine.

Sister Wives Kid Axel Brush Reveals His Wonderment

This week, Maddie took to her Instagram and posted up a photo of both of her older kids with baby Josephine Lee Brush. In her caption, she wrote, “Axel and Evie are over the moon and absolutely in love with sweet Joey! We are still having some growing pains, as expected, but better than anticipated.” Actually, it’s good news that the kids love their new sister already. Certainly, it will make things a little bit easier for Jospehine’s mom.

Sister Wives Alex Brush Reveals Sheer Wonder On His Face
Maddie Brown Brush / Instagram

Sister Wives fans couldn’t help but notice Axel’s facial expression. Love, wonderment, and amazement all seemed to show through as he held his baby sister. One follower wrote, “Now that picture shows what life is all about! Your treasures.”

Another fan opined, “The look on Axel’s face😍😊.” Meanwhile, another follower commented, “Axel has to be the best big brother. You can just see the love radiating off him.”

Axel’s Likeness To Gabe Brown

Many Sister Wives fans commented on how much Axel resembles his uncle, Gabe. Gabe’s a fan favorite in the show because he cares for his mom and stood up to Kody. TLCV fans think he’s a nice young man, and certainly, the look on Axel’s face seems to show that Maddie’s oldest child will grow up to be a nice young man as well. Do you agree? Shout out in the comments below.

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