Sister Wives: How Is Evie Brush Coping With Maddie’s New Baby?

Evie and Maddie Brush

Sister Wives fans waited patiently for Maddie Brown Brush to welcome her third child after Axel and Evie Brush. Additionally, they hoped that the birth would not be extremely difficult. After all, fans saw complications and pain with both of her previous births. Now that Josephine Lee arrived, they wonder how Evie is coping with the competition.

Sister Wives: Evie Brush Hasn’t Ever Had A Younger Sibling

When Evie arrived with FATCO and had a Boyd amputation, some folks were shocked that Maddie and Caleb Brush had taken such an extreme decision. Actually, in hindsight, it seems like a good thing. These days, little Evei walks around and proudly paints the toes of her fake foot. Certainly, she seems like a tough little customer. But, there are always concerns that a new baby might put a sibling’s nose out of joint.

Sister Wives fans finally heard that baby Josephine Lee Brush had arrived. Of course, photos followed so TLC fans could comment. Maddie’s mom, Janelle Brown has also posted photos of the cute bundle of joy. Actually, she’s recently been visiting Maddie and enjoying the time with Axel and his little sister. For Axel, the new addition was probably a bit easier because he’s had to adjust to a new sibling before. Answering questions from fans, Maddie spoke about it on her Instagram Stories this week.

Sister Wives Fans Worry About Evie Brush

On February 15, Maddie went onto her stories and shared that her daughter have given her some “presents from outside.” Was she thanking her mom for her new sibling? In her video clip, Maddie told her followers that actually, “Evie’s good.” In fact, her mom said that she “anticipated” that would be how it turned out. Recall, when his little sister arrived, Axel regressed so much, that he went back onto his pacifier. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case with Evie and Josephine.

Sister Wives How Is Evie Brush Coping With Maddie New Baby
Maddie Brown Brush / Instagram Stories

Sister Wives fans also heard that Maddie’s second child does need “some validation,” though. Additionally, there is a change to the routines for the older kids. She talked about how she doesn’t take them “to school” these days. Sounding really tired, and yawning, Janelle’s daughter also talked about how everyone is trying to get into the new normal.

Slight Regression?

On the whole, it seems as if the middle child is a bit unsettled by the changes. For example, Maddie added, “we’re not having much of a bedtime routine that we usually do.” Additionally, relatives have been and gone which also disrupts the settling-in period.

Sister Wives fans also heard that there are absolutely no issues with her son Axel this time around.

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