Sister Wives Star Maddie Brown Brush Reveals Josephine Is A Mood

Maddie Brown Brush

Sister Wives spoilers brought the news that Maddie Brown Brush expected a third baby. Not long after Mykleti Padron welcomed her twins, the sibling of Axel and Evie arrived in good health. Just a few weeks old, the cute bundle of joy is a real mood. Actually, Janelle Brown’s new grandbaby baby looks likely to take on the world and tolerate no nonsense from anyone.

Sister Wives Fans Worried About The New Baby of Maddie Brown Brush

When baby Josephine Lee Brush arrived in February, TLC fans loved the little girl’s name. Already, when Maddie goes on social media, her mom shortens it to either Joey or Josie. Mind you, she also shortened Evie’s name. Affectionately known as Evie-K, her full names are Evangalynn Kodi Brush. TLC fans adore Evie, who was born with FATCO  and that’s why they were concerned about the latest addition to the family.

Actually, going for scans was a bit nerve-wracking for the  Sister Wives star. At one stage, she posted up, saying, “Today is anatomy scan day! 🥳… Nothing quite like the news that your baby won’t have all her fingers, toes, and maybe more to change your excitement [for] anatomy scans. 😂” Fortunately, everything seems to be fine with the little one,  except that she seems to be disgusted with Planet Earth.

Sister Wives Baby Josephine Lee Brush Makes Funny Faces

On February 15, Josehine’s mom shared two photos on her Stories. In them, the little girl looked like she was frowning. Actually, perhaps there is a resemblance to her grandfather, Kody who scowled his way through the last two seasons of the TLC show. The caption on the first photo said, “The stink faces this girl gives might become legendary.” In fact, it’s surprising someone hasn’t stolen the photo for a meme yet.

Sister Wives Star Maddie Brown Brush Reveals Josephine Is A Mood
Maddie Brown Brush Instagram Stories

The Sister Wives star said that “every time she is awake, [Josephine]  pretty much stares at us like this.”  A similar photo revealed her daughter looking equally disapproving. Maddie wrote, “V unimpressed apparently.” No doubt Maddie got a lot of DMs about her scowing baby. Hopefully, the kiddo cheers up as bit she grows older.

Do Babies Have A Personality?

Sister Wives fans might hope that the funny faces that Josie makes are simply caused by wind. Did you know that the ID is evident from birth according to Freud’s theory on personality stages? Psych Central noted that “the ID is present at birth. It’s what many people refer to as your temperament, the innate traits that are unconscious and instinctual. The ID does not depend on experiences.”

As time goes by, experiences will round out the ego and other personality traits of a person. Did you know that? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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