Sister Wives: Maddie Brown Brush Gets Little Sleep With Joey

Maddie Brown Brush

Sister Wives star Maddie Brown Brush and her husband Caleb welcomed a new baby, Josephine Lee (Joey) at the beginning of the year. She joined her older brother, Axel, and his younger sister, Evie-K. Now, her mom is struggling to get Joey to sleep at night.

Sister Wives: Maddie Brown Brush And Her New Baby

TLC fans found out the name of Janelle Brown’s new grandchild the day after her birth. Via social media, her followers discovered that they named the little girl Josephine Lee Brush. These days, it’s been shortened to just Joey. Still, she’s an adorable-looking child, and somehow she suits her monicker. But the problem is, she’s not sleeping much and that must be exhausting for her mom.

Sister Wives fans have watched the cute kid grow up, and she seems to have an amazingly expressive face. In one of the earlier photos, her mom remarked that Joey was in such a mood. Even in the most recent photo, one can clearly see what Joey’s thinking about. And clearly, it’s not about sleeping.

Sister Wives: Maddie Brown Brush Can’t Get Joey To Sleep

When Joey’s mom shared a photo on Instagram on Friday, she held her baby who looked at the camera. In the  text overlay, it read, “POV your (sic)  a mom of a 7 month old ona sleep regression and wondering if you might get sleep tonight.”  Actually, her daughter looked anything but sleepy.

Then in then in her caption on her profile page, she wrote, “Joey was WIDE awake at 1:30 am. Ready to chill. Like what!? I’ve never had a baby who slept as little as she does. 😅🤪 I know it will get better, but mannnnnnn it was interesting.”

Sister Wives Maddie brown Brush Gets Little Sleep With Joey
Maddie Brown Brush / Instagram

Sister Wives fans found that it was an interesting subject to chat about. Most moms go through times when babies don’t sleep. Who can forget Little People Big World when Josiah’s crying and lack of sleep almost burned out Tori Roloff? Sleep deprivation comes to everyone who raises an infant. It’s hard sometimes, but luckily, there is a nurturing instinct in most humans.

TLC Fans React

Sister Wives fans took to the comments and one of them said to Maddie, “You’re a wonderful momma. It gets better. Not one of my 3 babies were good sleepers. But it is all good.”

Another follower penned, “Goin through the same thing!! Those January babies!! Lol.

One sympathetic fan said, “Oh my gosh I feel that so much Maddie, I am so sorry!! Sleep regressions are HARD my daughter is almost a year old and she’s in the middle of her 3rd regression, praying for your sanity ❤️.”

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