10 Ideas for a Night Out for Exhausted Moms

10 Ideas for a Night Out for Exhausted MomsAre you exhausted? Who am I kidding, you are a mom, of course, you are exhausted! It’s time for you to get a night out. You may be completely confused by that idea. I mean, being a mom and having a night out don’t typically go hand in hand for many of us. It should though! You deserve a night out to recoup, refresh and rejuvenate yourself!

What are a moms night out, exactly?

It’s exactly what it sounds like. A night out for you and your fellow mom friends who also need a break. You can make this whatever you want it to be. Maybe it’s a fancy night out, maybe it’s a budget-friendly adventure, or maybe it’s a get together at one of the mom’s houses. You can make it whatever you want it to be! The point though, is to do something and get yourself out there and getting a break! A night at the club is not exactly what many of us think about when we think about a night out anymore though, which why we need to be creative and think outside the box when it comes to ideas for a night out for exhausted moms.

10 Ideas for a Night Out for Exhausted Moms

  1. Book Club. Do you like to read? If you said yes, than a book club is a great idea for a night out for exhausted moms! Not only is a book club lots of fun to attend, but it is also a great way to hold yourself accountable for reading that book or books that you have been wanting to read forever now.
  2. Paint Night.Paint nights can be held at bars, at wineries and sometimes even in your own home. These are a blast to do with a group of girls!
  3. Pinterest party time. Do you have a knack for pinning awesome things on Pinterest only to never actually do them? Why not gather a group of your friends to actually accomplish this life goal? It’s a Pinterest Party y’all!
  4. Comedy show. I recently saw a deal on Groupon for a comedy show at a winery which I thought was brilliant! We could all use more laughter in our lives, don’t you think? You can typically find tickets for comedy shows for pretty reasonable too, so this is a great way to actually go out with your girlfriends!
  5. Wine tasting. Another great idea for a mom’s night out that you can find deals on Groupon for. Head out to a local winery for a wine tasting with some other exhausted moms.

  6. Clothing Swap Party. If you are anything like me, you probably swapped clothes with your friends when you were teens, but when was the last time you did this? Did you know that this was a fun thing to do for us grown-ups these days? That’s right, clothing swap parties are becoming the hot new party trend for moms to get out and socialize! Plus, you get to save money and change up your wardrobe at the same time.
  7. Cooking class. I know that you are probably thinking “why on Earth would I want to cook when I do that all the time?” Think about it though. When was the last time you cooked for yourself instead of for your family? I’m going to venture a guess that it wasn’t very recently. Taking a cooking class is fun and a great way to spend some kid-free time.
  8. Dinner and drinks. Imagine this. You are at a restaurant and you simply get to eat your dinner. That’s right. You also don’t need to ask for a kid’s menu. Getting crazy, right? Seriously, though. Sometimes a simple night of not cooking and having an adult conversation is enough to refresh you.
  9. Concert. Are you a music lover? Why not head out with your mom friends to catch a concert! Buy up several tickets next to each other and sing and dance the night away with them.
  10. Slumber party. When was the last time you had a slumber party? If you said when you were a kid, then it has been too long! Schedule a sleepover for the kids with the dads in charge and gather with your friends for an old school slumber party, complete with scary movies, face masks and tons of fun!

What is your favorite way to spend a night out?

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