The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Ashley Jones Talks About Past Infertility, Miscarriage And Loss And Also Success With Her Two Little Ones!

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers reveal actress Ashley Jones talks about past infertility, miscarriage and loss and also success with her two little ones!

B&B Spoilers: Ashley Jones Has Two Little Boys But Also A Miscarriage

Ashley has two little boys, one named Huck from a previous relationship, and Hayden, from her current marriage to Joel Henricks. She recently posted about Huck, Hayden, and her past struggles with infertility and miscarriage on her Instagram page along with a photo of Hayden wearing a “big brother” shirt that Huck once wore when he met Hayden.

She refers to being pregnant with her second child, but she must be meaning second child with her current husband, because actually it would have been her third child. She posted: “#TBT to when I was still pregnant with my second child. Yes, you read that correctly. Hayden wore a big brother shirt to tell my parents, the same shirt Huck wore when he met Hayden for the first time. Seems like a lifetime ago. I talked about my fertility journey with you all, but never shared that I was actually pregnant for a while.

I feel a bit naked talking about this on the blog today, BUT it’s just been on my mind a lot this new year. I’m SO HAPPY for people announcing pregnancies and births, but for others it can be a difficult and disappointing reminder of loss. One thing that really helped me was hearing how other people healed and learned how to keep going. At first, it feels like everything stops and the devastation takes over. Talking about it all helps dissipate the feelings of defeat, loneliness or hopelessness. I felt guilty when I was so sad because I was already blessed with Hayden and Huck, so I felt awkward discussing it. I shouldn’t.

Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: She Talks About Her Struggle With Fertility Issues

When @LifeSpringInsurance came to me to open up the conversation about infertility, miscarriage, loss, etc I wanted to participate! It still feels raw and too sad and that is ok. But it helps to talk. LifeSpring is changing the conversation around infertility, especially for the youth of today by offering financial insurance for fertility options. I’m thrilled to be a part of that because I wish this had been available for me years ago.

This is not a post for me to feel sorry for myself…It is a post educating more people about options out there for us. See you on the blog! #ad #thingshappenforareason #LifeSpring #MakingFertilityAffordable photo: @ographr #Iam1in4”

It is wonderful that people with fertility issues can now purchase insurance that will pay for fertility treatments so that they can have a chance at being a parent. You can check it out at ; and watch for Ashley on your television screen, and keep checking Celebrity Baby Laundry for all the latest news, updates and developments!

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