Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Star Lisa Rinna Mourns Death Of Beloved Mom Lois

Lisa Rinna

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) star Lisa Rinna has shown her love for her mom, Lois, on the reality TV show. And the cameras turned Lois into a star herself, showing that Lisa inherited her mom’s charm and sweet spirit. As a result, the news of Lois’ death at 93 has caused both fans and family to empathize with Rinna’s heartbreak. 

But rather than the RHOBH star announcing her mother’s passing, Lisa’s daughter Amelia Gray Hamlin revealed the sad news, reported People. Discover what Amelia shared about her celebrity grandmother Lois and what Rinna wrote about her beloved mother below. 

Lisa Rinna’s Daughter Honors Celeb Grandmother Lois

Just days after Lisa Rinna described her mom Lois as “transitioning” following a stroke, her daughter Amelia Gray Hamlin shared news of Lois’ passing on Instagram. “My guardian angel for the rest of time. I love you so much my Lolo,” wrote Amelia.

Hamlin shared both photos and video clips of her grandmother as she honored her on social media. Lois was “and will always be much more than a grandma to me,” wrote Amelia. “You were my best friend. My strength. My rock. My everything. Your laughter never failed to light up any room you ever walked in. Anyone who got the pleasure to meet you was so blessed… there will never be anyone like you.”

RHOBH Star Lisa Rinna Celebrates Mom On Social Media

In response to her daughter’s post about Lois, Lisa Rinna wrote her reflections about her loss. “Heaven has a new angel,” wrote the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star on her daughter’s Instagram. But Rinna also created her own social media posts honoring her mother and mourning her loss.

Turning to Twitter, Lisa echoed her sentiment that “Heaven has a new angel.” Rinna accompanied her post with a photo of her mother and the dates of her birth and death. Friends and fans quickly responded to share their empathy for her loss.

In addition, the RHOBH star posted an Instagram video showing how much Lois has enjoyed appearing on the reality TV show and becoming a celebrity mom herself. “In honor of the iconic Lois… 💗 #RHOBH She loved being on the show and she loved being famous,” recalled Lisa. And one fan offered the perfect response, writing, “Lois is my favorite Housewife.”

Others agreed that Lois ruled as the “Queen” of Real Housewives. One fan responded to Lisa’s tweet with a photo showing all three generations dancing. 

“I loved Lois’ energy and spirit,” wrote the fan. “She was a great woman…. Rest in peace, Lois.”

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