Andy Cohen Reveals Another Really Cute Moment With Ben

Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen, the beloved face of Bravo shows and host of Watch What Happens Live, quickly fell in love with his son, Benjamin. The sweet little kid arrived on the scene four years ago. Little Ben has been a frequent star in Cohen’s social media posts, and fans can’t help but notice how cute he is! Ben’s adorable antics have been the talk of social media this week after a particularly heartwarming social media share. Bravo followers are fawning over Ben’s latest antics, with many commenting that he’s growing cuter by the day.

Andy Cohen And Ben Are Best Friends

The famous Bravo host often dresses his son, Ben, in older-looking outfits, but at the end of the day, he is simply a growing youngster. On his birthday last year, he wore a colorful combination of clothes, including a bright red and blue plaid shirt, a navy blue puffer vest, khaki pants, and trendy brown shoes with velcro fastenings. It’s clear that Ben isn’t afraid to rock any style with confidence but inside, he’s still just a little kid.

Andy Cohen shared an adorable moment earlier this month that made Watch What Happens Live fans laugh a lot. Incredibly, the little boy really likes the music of The Grateful Dead. Well, fans thought it was hilarious because a 4-year-old appreciated that type of music. But, given his dad’s background, it shouldn’t be a shocker. This week, he didn’t want music and his father didn’t show him rocking his style. But he did reveal a cute moment.

Andy Cohen & Ben Travel Together

Recently, @Aliceinbravoland shared a post by the Bravo host and it showed them driving down the road. These days. fans don’t see photos of Ben to protect his privacy. However, they do hear him, and often, recordings of conversations come along. This time, they went on a journey that would take about four hours. Perhaps they traveled somewhere to celebrate the 4th of July. As the car drove down the road, Bn started making those agonized sounds of a bored and tired kid.

Andy Cohen Reveals Another Really Cute Moment With Ben
Andy Cohen via @Aliceinbravoland / Instagram

Andy Cohen said that they had “26 minutes” left until they reached their destination. And that was not the news that he wanted to hear. So, to cheer him up, his dad told him that he’s been “a champ.” Well, Ben disagreed with that, so he said his son was a “champion.” Still, Ben disagreed. Then he corrected his dad, saying that he’s just “a little boy.” Well, it seems that the cute kid was done with being placated about the long journey.

Big Boy Or Little Boy

Andy Cohen told Ben that he was his “favorite little boy.” But Ben felt grumpy so he contradicted him, saying he’s a “Big Boy.”  Then, when Andy called him his “favorite big boy,” he said went back to just being a “little boy.” We’re guessing that conversation became tedious but it might have at least helped to pass the time on the road.

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