Ben Cohen Isn’t Grateful And Andy’s Fans Are Laughing Dead

Andy Cohen

Ben Cohen is just four years old, which means that Andy Cohen’s oldest child is at least a decade off physically being where his mind is right now. This weekend, his dad shared a video, and Ben’s voice off-camera got Bravo fans rolling and claiming they were dead from laughing. So, what’s up with the cute kid? Read on to find out.

Ben Cohen Seemed To Own New York From The Youngest Age

In 2019, Andy Cohen welcomed a son named Ben into the world, and Bravo fans have been able to watch the cute little guy grow up ever since. Even though Andy stopped sharing photos of his son’s face in 2023, social media followers can still get a glimpse of little Ben’s progress. He appears to be a happy and healthy child, and Cohen’s followers often praise the TV host for his loving parenting skills. With every passing day, fans can’t help but marvel at how adorable the toddler is. Overall, it’s clear that Andy Cohen is a doting and loving father.

By the age of two, Ben Cohen was already rocking his style along the sidewalk. Some folks thought that he’d already displayed signs of growing into a big boy super fast. Fans of Watch What Happens Live saw him enjoying Dolly Parton’s portrait, discovering nature, and hanging with Kelly Ripa. Clearly, this kid is on the road to mingling in all the right places for a successful career. But is he grateful? This week, his response to his dad got his many followers laughing.

Ben Cohen Wants More ‘Grateful Dead’

In a recent Instagram video, Andy was captured attempting to bond with his 4-year-old son. Careful to keep his face off the camera, the dialogue still conveyed the tender moment between the duo. Mind you, as Andy pointed out, there are “High highs, low lows.” Anyway, they went out in the car, maybe for a snack or lunch, and Andy asked his son what he’d just said. Back came the question, and for a four-year-old, it seemed surprising. His taste in music is clearly off the charts for most kids that age. He said, “Turn on the Grateful Dead, please?”

Ben Cohen Isn't Grateful And Andy's Fans Are Laughing Dead 1
 Andy Cohen / Instagram

Ben Cohen, it seems, is heavily influenced by the Bravo host when it comes to music. Pleased, Andy smiled and told his son, “Ben, I love you so much.” Did the cute kid appreciate that? Well, it seems like he’s done with Dad telling him that. The sassy reply, better suited to a child a decade older was: “Ugh, Daddy I already know that!” Then he added for good measure, “Stop saying that!” And in the background, came an exasperated sigh.

Ungrateful Kid Sassy Gets Fans Rolling Dead

Ben Cohen really made Andy’s fans and friends laugh. Actually, some notable names were tickled pink by the conversation. Cheri Oterisaid, “O M G your little Dead Head in the back seat KNOWS YOU FRIGGEN LOVE HIM already jeez!!”

Meanwhile, Amy Schumer appeared at the top of the blue-ticked names, saying, “Crying.” Of course, other familiar names from Watch What Happens Live also said things to the doting dad. Real Housewives star, Melissa Gorga quipped, “He already knows that. 🤣 little cutie.. ohhh the baby years…..”

Several people said that they were “dead,” from laughing at the interaction between a four-year-old boy going on teenager and his devoted dad.

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