Andy Cohen’s Son Ben Rocks His Style In Cute Photo

Andy Cohen’s son Ben arrived in February 2019 and Bravo fans watch the cute little guy grow up. It seems from his Instagram, that Andy never lost the wonder of being a dad. So, he shares regular photos of his adorable child. Nowadays, Ben’s made a friend of Anderson Cooper’s child, Wyatt Cooper. However, Ben’s about a year older than his little friend and now he really knows how to rock his style.

Andy Cohen’s Son Ben Attended Wyatt Cooper Anderson’s Birthday This Year

On April 27, Ben went along and visited Wyatt on his first birthday. The cute little kids both wore matching flannel shirts. Andy shared the cute photo and he captioned it with, “Happy 1st Birthday Wyatt Cooper! I love twinning with you. XO Uncle Andy & Mr. Ben.” Naturally, loads of Bravo and CNN fans loved the photo. Well, it looked very cute but young Ben doesn’t always get a big thumbs up from Cooper Anderson.

Andy Cohen’s son Ben alarmed Cooper ahead of Wyatt’s birthday. Andy and his son often walk over to his place on Sundays and the little kids hang out together. Cooper told Jimmy Kimmel a rather funny story about how Ben needs a watchful eye at all times. He caught Ben popping Wyatt’s teddy bear in the microwave. In fact, it started emitting smoke, which could have been dangerous. Clearly, Ben comes with a practical attitude and figured he’d make “Smokey The Bear.”

Ben Cohen

Hard Not To Love The Style Of This Little Boy

This week, fans saw another adorable photo of Andy Cohen’s son Ben. It showed him walking down the street wearing jeans, a denim jacket, a big-boy haircut, and carrying a purse. Andy captioned it with, “Seize the Day! Of course, Fans just loved the photo. Taken from the back, he walked confidently along as though he was about to hook up with friends and hit the town. Clearly, Ben had places to go and things to do.”

Many followers commented on Cohen’s son Ben. One of them noted, “He looks like he has his life together more than me!” Then another one commented, “Understated but stylin’ 👏” Impressed with the cute kid one follower chimed in with, “Big boy haircut, acid wash jeans, and a purse.” However, other fans decided that the purse was actually a “briefcase.” Actually, he really looked professional, just like his dad, in his stylish away.

Rocking His Style Down The Road

One fan wished that Ben already grew up and hit 30 years old. Surely when Andy’s boy grows up, he’s going to be a heartbreaker! One follower said, “I apparently need fashion advice from him. Looking so grown up already! 💙⭐️.”

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