Denise Richards is Happy to Raise Charlie Sheen’s Other Kids

Denise Richards is Happy to Raise Charlie Sheen's Other Kids

Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen have a really complicated relationship nowadays and by complicated I mean- healthy. Somehow they recovered from years of issues and have gotten to the point where they can be friends, not just for the sake of the kids, but because they really like each other.  I guess with that relationship in place it almost made sense that Denise would be willing to raise Charlie’s sons with ex-wife, Brooke Mueller.

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Anna Faris: It Makes Me Crazy When I’m Not Holding Jack

Anna Faris Takes Baby Jack For A Hike

Anna Faris has a hard time being away from her 8-month-old son Jack with husband Chris Pratt.

 “It makes me crazy when I’m not holding him,” the Mom star told at CBS’ Upfront event in New York City on Wednesday (May 15). “He’s at a really adorable phase. He’s not crawling, but he sort of wiggles. He coos and he giggles and he makes funny, funny noises.”

“He lights up when you walk into the room. And he squawks!” she added. “He does that all the time.”

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Ricky Martin Takes His Twins to The Park

Exclusive... Ricky Martin Takes His Boys To The Park

Ricky Martin was pictured enjoyed a day with his twin boys Matteo and Valentino at a park in Sydney, Australia on Sunday (May 19).

The singer looked like a doting dad as he caught his sons at the end of a slide and helped them hang from the monkey bars.

His boyfriend and also father to their twins, Carlos González Abella was not present.

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Making Time For Our Furry, Fuzzy, and Four-Legged Family Members

Making Time For Our Furry, Fuzzy, and Four-Legged Family Members

My husband and I started to feel a little guilty because we weren’t spending as much time as before with our two dogs since the baby was born. It’s definitely hard trying to juggle a new baby, household chores, and two high energy dogs. Before baby, we took them on 30 minute walks during the week and hiked on the weekends. Since baby, there walks have been cut down to 10 minutes around the block during the week. The hardest part for the dogs was adjusting the first month after baby. My husband and I could tell the dogs were confused and didn’t understand why our schedules were so off and why we didn’t have any time or energy to play with them. Luckily, we have a doggie door and a large backyard which helped but I know it’s not the same as playing with them.

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