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Jamie-Lynn Sigler Reveals Pregnancy Cravings

Jamie-Lynn Sigler has revealed what she is craving during her first pregnancy. Talking to Us Weekly, the mom-to-be admitted that she  craving is McDonald's cheeseburgers! "Every day if I can get to it," Sigler shares.

Labor Inducing Salad???

Labor Inducing salad…ever heard of it? Well, I saw it on a BabyCenter email and thought if I made it over 39 weeks I HAD to try it. I did and guess what…24 hours later my water broke and I went into labor!  But before all you overdue…

Jessica Simpson Craves Salt

Jessica Simpson admits being pregnant is affecting her taste buds. "I no longer like pizza because it tastes sour. I crave cantaloupe like a crazy person. But I put salt all over it, so I don't know if it's that healthy. I crave…

Beyonce Pregnancy Craving? KETCHUP!

Beyonce who is expecting her first child with husband admits she has been having the tomato sauce with everything she eats. “I don’t know if you’d call it weird, but I’m having ketchup with everything,” she said. “I mean I liked it…

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