Labor Inducing Salad???

Labor Inducing Salad

Labor Inducing salad…ever heard of it?

Well, I saw it on a BabyCenter email and thought if I made it over 39 weeks I HAD to try it. I did and guess what…24 hours later my water broke and I went into labor!  But before all you overdue pregnant mamas go running out to try this salad or buy the dressing, I have to explain a little more…

Around 37 weeks, I noticed slight leaking I went to my OBGYN a few times and they check and said it wasn’t my bag of waters and it was just a normal part of pregnancy.  The slight leaking continued for two weeks then fast forward to 39 weeks.  On sunny Sunday afternoon my hubby and I were trying to decide where to eat for lunch. I said, “Why don’t we try that place with the maternity salad?” My skeptical hubby didn’t believe in the powers of the maternity salad so he said “of course!” and we had lunch at Caioti in Studio City, California.

When we arrived, I noticed a few other pregnant mamas dining there. As soon as we sat down, they gave us a menu and a few laminated articles about “THE” salad.  My hubby had the Rustic pizza (which was delicious!) and I had the “THE” salad which was romaine lettuce, watercress, walnuts, balsamic vinaigrette and Gorgonzola. I asked them to hold the Gorgonzola since it was a soft cheese and my OB said to avoid it.  The salad was delicious but I didn’t feel any different.  As we were leaving, Caioti we saw very pregnant Tamara Mowry! I checked on twitter and she tweet that she tried the salad! After eating the salad she said that she felt a lot of contractions but she wasn’t dilated.

It wasn’t until later that night that I felt baby doing somersaults, twists and turns all over. He felt especially active but I didn’t feel any contractions or pain so I just thought he really enjoyed the salad! The next morning, baby wasn’t moving as much and I told my hubby that we would wait a couple of hours to see if he was more active. We waited and I really didn’t feel him move, so we headed to the hospital. We took our time because I had no contractions, my water wasn’t broken and I felt fine so we took our time heading to the hospital. We got there around noon and when they checked me I was 1 cm dilated and my bag of waters had a very small leak. And that was the start of our birth story…

So, you be the judge…does the famous “maternity salad” work?

I’d love to hear if you tried it or if you tried another “labor inducing” food…

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