Is OutDaughtered Super-Dad Adam Busby Doing The Laundry?

Adam Busby

OutDaughtered fans who watch TLC probably never dreamed that Adam Busby would turn out to be such a good dad. In the early days, he seemed shocked and uncertain that he would cope at all. However, he not only works hard and earns good money, but he seemed utterly dedicated. However, is he that dedicated that he took over laundry duties?

OutDaughtered Fans Think Adam Busby’s A Super-Dad

When Danielle Busby revealed that she suffered some ill health, fans felt terribly worried about her. In fact, they saw a full season of her struggling. So, it became clear why she sometimes posted about feeling tired. These days, she seems to have regained some health, or at least, she manages her autoimmune condition a bit better. So much so, that she now oversees her brick-and-mortar retail store in League City.

These days, OutDaughtered fans see via social media, that Adam spends more time with the kids because his wife is so busy. In the mornings, when the kids get ready for school, it’s Adam who sees that they have their lunches and bags ready. Plus, he often entertains them while Danielle is away.  And now it looks like he’s the one who keeps the place tidy and does the laundry.

OutDaughtered Dad Sounds Frustrated And Tired – Loads Of Laundry

On September 15, Adam Busby took to his Instagram Stories and did a Q&A. But before he got into that, he revealed mounds of laundry. Sighing, and sounding resigned, he said, that there’s a lot of laundry and it’s “laundry day every day.” Actually, he seemed relieved to find the dog, Beaux settling down for a nap near the discarded clothing. It gave him something else to think about. Clearly, he was home alone. Then he sighed again when he saw bits of a toy scattered on the floor.

Is OutDaughtered Super-Dad Adam Doing The Laundry
Adam Busby / Instagram Stories

The question that comes to mind is, if they have good money, then why is Adam doing the household chores by himself? Surely, they could afford to contract in folks to help out? Of course, there’s no way of knowing if they do. But both Adam and his wife have now seemed unhappy with all the laundry that needs attention. Additionally, TLC fans see that Adam often prepares meals for the family, and not once has there been a glimpse of a stranger washing dishes or tidying up.

Is Bringing In Cleaners Not The Done Thing?

OutDaughtered fans might not know that in League City, there are plenty of established cleaning services. In fact, some of them are highly rated. So, it’s not like it’s culturally unacceptable to engage people to help out. Perhaps Adam and  Danielle Busby worry about security. After all, there are some odd people out in the world. And, they have six adorable daughters to keep safe.

At one stage, when the kids were younger, Danielle did get in help from time to time. When the quints were about two years old, she told Channel Guide that some folks came in on occasion. But, it seemed that they were more focused on helping with nanny duties. than household chores.

What are your thoughts about Adam taking over the daily chores while Danielle works at Graeson Bee? Do you think he should get some help if he doesn’t already? Sound off in the comments below.

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