Coronation Street Spoilers: Daisy PLOTS To Damage Nicky’s Career

Coronation Street: Daisy Midgeley

Coronation Street spoilers and updates tease that Daisy Midgeley is to inflict harm on Daniel’s ex Nicky as she gets threatened for their possible reunion.

Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) will show another dark side of her villainous personality after she gets word that her partner’s ex Nicky Wheatley (Kimberly Hart-Simpson) is staying in Weatherfield for good.

Coronation Street Spoilers – Daisy Gets Busted

Next week, Daisy gets busted for lying to the returnee when Daniel (Rob Mallard) introduces the girls to each other. It was revealed that Daisy lied to Nicky about Daniel moving down south and erased the voicemails she sent to Daniel’s phone so she can sabotage their friendly reunion. However, Nicky and Daniel caught up in Weatherfield High because the returnee applied for a teaching assistant role at school.

Caught red-handed, Daisy apologizes for her jealous acts after being confronted. However, spoilers hinted it’s not the end yet.

Her insecurities get through the roof when Daniel lets slip that Nicky will work with him in Weatherfield High if she gets hired soon, which gives Daisy an evil idea. Will this jeopardize her relationship with her man?

Coronation Street Update – Teaming Up With Another Villain

Daniel helps Nicky, a previous sex worker, prepare for the interview at school so she can restart her life on the cobbles with a new career.

Nicky confides with Daniel that she wants to keep her past behind her and asserts that no more people should know, especially Daisy.

However, the duo is oblivious that the Rovers barmaid already crafted a plan against Nicky when she learns that the troubled teenager Max Turner (Paddy Bever) will be in her class. What will he do?

Daisy’s evil plans come to fruition when Nicky informs Daniel that the trial didn’t go well. Daniel shares the bad news with Daisy and acts saddened at first but sighs in relief behind her man’s back. Will the truth ever come out?

Coronation Street: Nicky Wheatley (Kimberly Hart-Simpson)

Actress Kimberly previously revealed that Nicky isn’t back on the Street for a great love reunion with Daniel, rather, she’s here to start anew with her daughter Maisie.

She explained why the new teaching position means everything to her character, opposite to her previous career, it’s a job that’s “socially acceptable” which her daughter could announce to the world.

“Maisie can tell the world what her mum does for the first time,” she told Digital Spy.

But with Daisy sabotaging Nicky’s road to redemption, will there be a showdown for the two?

Teasing an upcoming match if the tension between the girls worsens: “I think it is going to be spicy!”

“This is when Corrie is at its very best. They are very similar and share traits, so it will be interesting to see how that plays out,” the actress added.

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