Ways To Make Your Home Safe For Your Toddler

Ways To Make Your Home Safe For Your Toddler

When your child is an infant, you don’t have to worry too much about safety in your home. You cover basic things, but as long as they aren’t upwardly mobile you don’t have to worry a lot. As soon as your child begins crawling and exploring, that changes. Here are some basic Ways To Make Your Home Safe For Your Toddler. These tips are perfect to implement as your child reaches that beginning explorer stage, but needs to be in place before they start walking.

Install Child Proof Locks On All Cabinets: Even if a cabinet only has pots and pans in it, installing child proof locks is important on all lower and some higher cabinets. Your child has potential to crawl through cabinets, get stuck, scrape themselves and get splinters. That doesn’t even include the potential hazardous chemicals or other items in their reach. Don’t forget to add those outlet covers during this time as well.

Move Medications To Locked Box On Top Shelves: Medications should always be kept up and under lock and key when kids are in the home. Even simply over the counter cold medicines can prove fatal if taken in large doses by a small child. Secure everything well above their height range, and for safety keep in a locked box as well.

Move Chemicals & Cleaning Agents To Locked Higher Shelves: Chemicals for cleaning and sanitizing should always be stored safely in a higher locked cabinet. Even natural chemicals can be harmful on occasion, so secure all cleaning agents safely behind locked doors.

Secure Shelves & Bookcases To Walls: TV Stands, Bookshelves and shelving are always hazards for children who use them to pull themselves up to stand and walk. Make sure that all shelving is properly secured to the floor or walls so that a child pulling themselves up can not make it topple over. This is also the time to consider moving your TV to a wall mount rather than a traditional TV stand for safety.


Every home is different, so there may be other things needed for your family to secure your home for your toddler. These ways to make your home safe for your toddler are just the beginning. Become aware of falling hazards, breakable décor in your home, or even sharp corners that could cause easy injuries to a stumbling child. Protect your children by beginning with these simple steps for safety.