The Amazing Transformation Of Sister Wives Star Mykelti Padron

Mykelti Padron

Mykelti Padron, the daughter of Sister Wives stars Christine and Kody Brown, married Tony Padron in 2016. Since then, Mykelti posted frequent updates on her Instagram account, showing off her changes over time. Her transformation hasn’t gone unnoticed by TLC fans, who saw her grow from a teen into a mother of three. In fact, some fans have trouble recognizing her as she begins to resemble her sisters more and more each day.

Sister Wives Star Mykelti Padron & Tony Look Good These Days

It certainly seems as if parenthood is changing the way Christine’s daughter and her husband Tony look after their health. TLC fans agree that they look completely amazing as they both underwent a transformation. These days, he spends a lot of time hiking with his friends. Actually, he’s really into it. So much so, that Mylkelti gave him a special backpack for Father’s Day so he can take his daughter Avalon on walks.

Sister Wives fans know that raising three kids can put pressure on parents. But Mykleti seems to cope just fine with family and work balance. Sometimes, she plays with her active daughter Avalon. From being a ride-on dinosaur to marketing her business, she seems to be a happy mom. Actually, she does get a lot of help from her husband and her sisters. But the trouble is that these days, fans can’t really tell the difference between them.

Sister Wives Star Myketli Padron In 2o15

In 2015, before she married Tony, Myketli posted up a photo of them together. They looked happy and clearly in love. At the time, she hadn’t fallen pregnant with her first child. Back then her hair was a lot darker, and over the years, fans discovered that she sometimes dyed her hair. Notably, she didn’t seem to look tall and willowy like her sister Aspyn.

TLC Mykelti Brown (4).
Mykelti Brown / Instagram (4)

Two years later, when she and Tony celebrated their first year of being married, the Sister Wives star still had dark hair, and she wore her lair long than before. TLC fans agreed that marriage looked good on Christine’s daughter. Some followers started to wonder when they would start a family. But, they had to wait a bit longer for that.

Sister Wives Mykelti Padron One Year Married

Avalon, their first child only arrived in 2021 and it was during her pregnancy that she stopped the dye and let her natural hair color show.

Sister Wives Pregnant with Avalon

After the birth of her daughter, something seemed to happen and slowly, she started looking very similar to her mom and her sisters.

The Transformation 2022 And 2023

Sister Wives fans see a rather different-looking person nowadays. In 2022, she shared the photo below.

Here is a photo shared by Tony Padron on July 1, 2023. In his caption, he said, “Took my Wife out to breakfast! Her favorite. I’m still not great at this. Mykelti said I should include pictures of our food. Which I forgot to take 😅, i was hungry ok ….😈.” We cited him inc case you thought he was with Gwendlyn or Aspyn. Actually, a lot of fans noticed how much she looks like her mom these days.

Sister Wives Mykelti Padron 2023
Tony Padron / Instagram

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