New Hallmark Movie Creeps Fans Out

Branching Out

A new Hallmark movie is giving fans the creeps. The network is known for its overly sappy and wholesome romantic films. However, in recent years, Hallmark has switched up its storylines with more forward-thinking and modern-day romances. The new direction received mixed reactions. Keep on reading to learn more.

Hallmark Movie Gives Fans the Ick

There’s a new Hallmark Movie that gave fans the ick. Its controversial plot left fans divided. The new film is called Branching Out. It stars actress Sarah Drew who plays the single mom of a 10-year-old daughter. She finds out who her sperm donor is and falls in love with him.

Amelia (Drew) discovers TJ Cruz (Juan Pablo Di Pace), a local musician. He wants to meet his daughter after speaking to Amelia. The couple is brought closer together by their daughter.

The film came out on Saturday, April 27. The shocking plot left fans mixed. Most fans watched the controversial new Hallmark film out of curiosity.

“I just finished watching BRANCHING OUT. I need a sequel,” one fan praised the movie on Facebook.

Another championed Hallmark for exploring this “new real” by using “sensitivity and understanding.” Most fans felt that the movie was relevant to the times. The new project also drew its share of criticism.

Most of the backlash took place on Reddit. One user admitted that the plot “just sets me off.”


“A sperm donor is gonna know he has genetic children out there and there is a reason some choose to be anonymous,” the Redditor argued. “They don’t want a mom to come searching to fall in love. I get the movies are just silly post but this one just annoyed me.”

“Hallmark would have never done a movie like this four years ago,” another user noted.

Embracing Complex Relationships & Family Structures

Hallmark has been changing its ways. The company has moved forward with more progressive storylines over the years. Some of them star people and LGBTQ+ characters. However, some critics claim the channel has gotten too progressive.

In 2021, the film My Christmas Family Tree was about a woman who searched for her biological father through an ancestry service that offered DNA testing. The network explored this topic again in its 2023 release, A Season for Family.

Some critics claim Hallmark tried to capitalize on fertility alternatives. Branching Out addresses IVF, but it’s about more than that. Drew told Southern Living that its goal was to address the complexities that come with motherhood.

“I want people to feel like it really is a love letter to motherhood and single moms and families that come in all shapes and sizes,” she told the publication.

What are your thoughts on Branching Out? Do you think the plot is creepy? Sound off below in the comment section.

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