Sister Wives Fans See Bizarre Father’s Day Post – Was Paedon Brown Hacked?

Paedon Brown

Sister Wives alum Paedon Brown, the only son of Christine Brown and Kody Brown. Over the past few years, he’s talked about his strained relationship with his father. Actually, some of his TikTok comments seemed to slam Kody for his hypocrisy and parenting mistakes. Some of his truth-bombs shed light on the most significant issues within the Brown family. But this weekend, he posted such a bizarre Father’s Day post, that some fans wondered if the TLC alum had been hacked.

Sister Wives Fans Don’t All Love Paedon Brown

When Christine’s son first started opening up on social media, a lot of fans raved about the tea that he spilled. However, his sister Gwendlyn started dishing her own tea on Patreon and YouYube, and she doesn’t pretend to love her brother. In fact, she told her followers not to believe a word he says. Additionally, she slammed him as homophobic. That put off a lot of people, but he retains a steadfast following. However, many of them expressed their shock when they saw his Father’s Day post.

About a year ago, Paedon told his Sister Wives followers that he relocated from St. George where he worked in the military. Actually, he made it clear that he went to Salt Lake City to be closer to his mom. Bear in mind, Christine was single at the time. So, fans applauded his decision to support her. Of course, that fell away after he dissed David Woolley for rushing to the altar with Christine. So, David probably didn’t get a call from Paedon on Father’s Day. And likely, neither did Kody Brown.

Sister Wives Fans See A Weird Post By Paedon Brown

On Sunday, June 18, TLC fans who follow Paedon saw a very different type of post. Certainly, it’s not the usual sort of thing that comes up on social media on Father’s Day. Some fans thought it was bizarre. In his post, he shared two photos. The theme seemed to be old cars and half-naked women. Filtered in grayscale it almost looked like an old photo from a Playboy magazine.

Sister Wives Fans See Weird Father's Day Post - Was Paedon Brown Hacked
Paedon Brown / Instagram

The former Sister Wives star captioned his post with, “Co-workers put on a car wash for Father’s Day.” Well, many people felt upset and lots of them didn’t like his hashtags. They included: “#Holiday, #Family, #Fun, #Strippers, #Girl, #Dad, #Sexy, #Club,#Funny, #Water,#Car,#CarWash, #Father’sDay, #Normal, #NotNormal, #FYP #Dark, #swim, #swimsuit, #girls,” and “#sexy.”

TLC Fans Have Questions On Post – Was He Hacked?

Some Sister Wives fans seemed puzzled and offended. But others pointed out that he apparently works as a bouncer at a strip club. That was news to many folks who thought he’d gotten a job in real estate after leaving the military. One person asked him, “Were you hacked lol? I mean this is a little weird.” Well, nope, it seems not, That’s because he replied to other comments.

When a follower wrote, “The irony you’re posting this on Father’s Day and not posting about your father isn’t lost on me,” Paedon said, “Finally!😂.”   

What are your thoughts about the rather bizarre post that Padeon Brown shared on Father’s Day? Sound off in the comments below.

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