Sister Wives: Where Does Gwendlyn Brown Stand With Robyn’s Kids?

Sister Wives: Gwendlyn Brown

There’s a lot of talk about the kids from the Sister Wives show on TLC. Actually,  a lot of the spoilers and updates come from Christine Brown’s kids, Peadon, Gwendlyn, and Mykelti. Recently, Gwendlyn Brown talked about her relationship with Aurora and Breanna, the kids of Robyn and Kody Brown. Actually, Paedon also talked about them as well. He claimed that Kody kept the other kids isolated from Dayton, his sisters, and young Solomon. So, what did Gwen have to say? Read on to find out.

Sister Wives: So Many Kids For Gwendlyn To Cope With

Gwen is just one of 18 kids with the same dad. Actually, there might have been more if things had worked out differently, as her mom had a miscarriage at an advanced date in her pregnancy. Plus, Meri Brown also lost a baby. Of all of them, it seems that Gwen gets on better with all of her other siblings than she does with Paedon. Recall, he admitted that he slapped her during an argument. And since she came out as bisexual, she claims that he’s homophobic.

Sister Wives fans know that Gwen cares for her half-sister, Truely. Janelle’s daughter is 13 now and she lives with her mom and David Woolley in Utah. Actually, many fans felt irritated because they made Truely’s birthday all about their engagement. But Gwen shouted out the 13-year-old. As far as TLC fans know, Gwen gets on with nearly all of her half-siblings, but it’s only recently that she talked about Breanna and Aurora.

Sister Wives: How Does Gwen Get On With Breanna & Aurora Brown?

Gwenlyn celebrated her engagement to Beatriz and her mom and sisters made sure they made it to the celebration. However, an invite to Robyn’s kids wasn’t taken up by them. Fans already heard about that, but more info arrived when Gwen shared one of her seasonal reviews about the show. One thing about Gwen, she’s not afraid to say her truth. So, talking about whether Aurora and Breanna would make it to her wedding, she doesn’t feel confident they’ll be there.

Sister Wuves Where Does Gwendlyn Brown Stand With Robyn's Kids
Gwendyln Brown / YouTube

Almost echoing her despised brother Paedon, the Sister Wives star noted that Robyn and Kody seem to be keeping their kids away from the rest of the family. That seems quite sad, actually. Mind you, Gwen probably understands that it could be awkward for the kids who live with her dad and his only remaining wife. Still, it hurts: especially because Aurora isn’t a little kid anymore. If she wanted to, she could actually reach out to Gwen. But it seems that she can’t be bothered.

Gwen Is Very Popular

These days, Sister Wives fans really seem to like Gwendlyn. She’s honest, very funny, and isn’t afraid to step up to bring awareness about autism. Why her half-sisters that were born to Robyn won’t reach out to her seems a bit perplexing. But then, as a fan noted, Robyn has always been the one controlling what goes on. Do you agree? Sound off in the comments below.

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