Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Imagines What Her Lost Child Might Be Doing

Meri Brown

Sister Wives fans who followed the show for years know that Meri Brown and Kody experienced a miscarriage after the birth of their daughter, Mariah, a.k.a Leon Brown. Most people felt sorry for Meri because she really struggled with infertility. Actually, a lot of that played out in an earlier season of the show. However, she very seldom talks about the child that died before it could grow. But this week, she did speak out and it seems like a bittersweet time for her.

Sister Wives Fans Are Talking About Babies

There are lots of posts about babies and kids on social media. Of course, Christine’s daughter Truely is in the spotlight because she lives with her mom and her future step-father David Woolley. In fact, it seems that in Season 18, the TLC show will take a look at the custody agreement that her parents reached. In the meantime, her mom keeps pushing the story that David and Truely get along like a house on fire. Well, there are other kids being talked about, like Janelle’s daughter, Savanah who graduated high school recently.

Plenty of Sister Wives fans also talk about Avalon and the twins that Mykleti and Tony Padron produced. Of course, Avalon is adorable, and the twins are even more so. Then, there’s Maddie Brown Brush with her delightful kids. Recently, Avalon and Evie K hung out together, and folks talked about them on Instagram. But nobody really talks about the child that Meri lost. In fact, some folks might not even be aware that the miscarriage ever happened.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Open Up About Her Lost Child

This week, Meri was traveling and along the way, she spotted some teenage kids just doing their thing. And that sparked something in her. Taking to her Instagram, she said, “I was driving through this town tonight, [when] I saw a group of three teenage looking boys, maybe 15 or 16 years old, walking down the street.” Next, she described they were walking and chilling together and it almost made her “giggle.”  But of course, if her child had lived, it would have been about the same age as those kids. So, she said the sight of the kids felt like “fun,”  but it was also “bittersweet.”

Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Imagines What Her Lost Child Might Be Doing
Meri Brown / Instagram

The Sister Wives star admitted that she doesn’t know if her child was going to be a son. But, she added, “My gut tells me it was. He’d be 15 now, and I often wonder what life would be like with him here.” Still, even though she deals with the “pain” of her loss, she took some happiness from seeing those kids just hanging out together. She ended by saying, “Having that moment of joy today, seeing those boys happy and alive, was healing in a way for me.”

TLC Fans Comment

As the Sister Wives star posted quite late at night, not a lot of people commented straight away. One person in another time zone said, “He is living in you, your own son❤️ loving thoughts from Finland❤️.”

Another one wrote, “Sending love from Sweden ❤️.”

Others sent in their love and those who suffered loss also liked the post. Losing a child will always tend to pop back into memory and many people can’t help but wonder what their lost child would have been like.

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