Sister Wives Star Tony Padron Gets The Best Father’s Day Gift

Tony Padron

Sister Wives fans who follow Tony Padron appreciate that these days, he shares about his life way more often than he used to. Recall, he couldn’t film because of his job. But now that he’s back in the show and he and Mykelti raise three children, he’s become a regular poster on Instagram. This week, he shared about the perfect gift that he got on Father’s Day.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron Loves Fatherhood

Avalon, the Padron family’s oldest child, is 2 years old and absolutely loves being a big sister. Tony and Mykelti decided to wait to start their family, leading fans to believe that they would stop at having one child. However, the couple surprised everyone when they welcomed their “double trouble” twins, Ace and Archer. Avalon is now a big sibling to two little boys, and fans see a busy household with lots of photos and videos of the three kids.

Recently, Sister Wives fans noticed that Tony lost a significant amount of weight and loves hiking in the wilderness. Additionally, they learned that Avalon has discovered the fascination of the natural world. Actually, it’s a great combination for a dad and child to enjoy. That’s why fans understood why he loves his Father’s Day gift so much when he shared photos this week of himself with the twins and their daughter.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron Reveals His Father’s Day Gift

This weekend, Tony shared photos of himself with the twins. Actually, it looked like he took them to the park because the trees and the garden behind them looked lovely. In another photo, he revealed himself carrying Avalon on his back. In his caption, he said, “It’s Been a blast of a week! Between My Wife’s Birthday @mykeltip, @ysabelpaigebrown Birthday, and Father’s day. The Fun hasn’t stopped.”

Sister Wives Star Tony Padron Gets The best Father's Day Gift
Tony Padron / Instagram

The Sister Wives star also talked about his gift. He added, “I  will say my favorite Father’s day present, has been this hiking backpack. Avalon can Adventure with me now!”

It seems lovely to think that now she’s growing up a bit, her dad can take her with him on some of his less extreme adventures. Too often these days, kids become isolated from nature and immersed in tech and games. Certainly, it looks like Avalon is in for a balanced childhood.

TLC Fans react To The Father’s Day Gift

Sister Wives fans who saw the post took to the comments section of the post. One of them said, “Love the pics! Those adventures are going to make the best memories. 😊”

Meanwhile, another one opined, “Omgoodness they’re all so cute!!!! Love the backpack. You are a very awesome Dad.”

Here’s another approving comment: “Happy Father’s Day Tony.. what a great way to spend time with Miss Avalon.. ❤️❤️.”

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