Duggar Snarkers Lambaste Joy-Anna Forsyth For Ignoring Child Safety

Joy-Anna Forsyth

Joy-Anna Forsyth seems to be enjoying her current pregnancy but members of the Reddit community “Duggar Snark” are keeping a watchful eye for her to make a mistake. Often criticized for being a bad mom, plenty of people roast her at the moment because of something they spotted in a video. So, what has she done now that gets people angry with her? Read on to find out.

Joy-Anna Forsyth – The Counting On Alum Soon Welcomes Baby #3

Despite years of helicopter parents getting agitated about the way Gideon and Evelyn are raised, Joy-Anna seems indifferent to critics. Over the years, she was slammed for letting her little girl eat bigger-than-bite-sized chunks of pizza. Additionally, she found critics when Gideon didn’t wear kneepads and shoes on an ATV. Actually, it’s not hard to find something to point a finger at. This week, the problem that Duggar snarkers have related to transport as well.

Joy-Anna Forsyth managed to keep her kids alive and well despite the many criticisms that went her way since the arrival of Gideon. Actually, her children seem to be bright and happy and she often engages in play or travels with them. Recently, they flew all the way to Los Angeles to catch up with Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo. After the cold and snowy conditions, the children thrived in the outdoors.

Joy-Anna Forsyth Slammed In Video About Gideaon’s Birthday

On the weekend, Austin and his wife celebrated Gideon’s fifth birthday. He helped to make his own cake, and he seemed excited about his presents. At one stage, Austin drove the vehicle and the kids were in the back, Noteably, snarkers spotted that neither of them wore a seat belt. And yes, the car was actually moving. Not unusual, screenshots found their way to Reddit.

Duggar Snarkers Lamsbaste Joy-Anna Forsyth For Ignoring Child Safety
Joy-Anna Forsyth /  YouTube via u/snobesity / Duggarsnark / Reddit

Community member u/snobesity shared some photos and slammed Joy-Anna Forsyth. The Counting On alum clearly didn’t buckle up. So, the title said, “Pro-life, anti-seatbelt.” Given that Jinger’s sister is in the third trimester, some followers thought that not buckling up could endanger the life of her unborn child.  In the comments section of the post, people wondered if they had disabled the alarm that lets people know they are not buckled in.

Commenters Slam The TLC Alum

After seeing the screenshots of Joy-Anna Forsyth and Austin, u/Elexandros opine, “I don’t…understand the mentality. It’s a seatbelt. It’s the simplest thing you can possibly do to prevent grievous bodily harm and death. It’s just a seatbelt.” So they asked, “Why is it so difficult for them?”

According to Web MD, “Everyone, including pregnant women, should wear a seat belt while riding in a car. Seat belts are the most effective way to save lives and reduce potential injuries in the event of a crash.”

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that it would be better for the safety of the baby that the Counting On alum uses her seatbelt? Let us know in the comments below.

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