Derick Dillard Tries Cold Water Therapy After Denouncing Duggars

Derick Dillard

The Counting On spoilers reveal that Derick Dillard tries cold water therapy after denouncing the Duggar family. He’s finding new ways to heal. However, fans were surprised about Derick’s new video in light of his career change. Keep on reading to learn more.

Counting On Spoilers: Derick Dillard Takes Cold Plunge

According to the Counting On spoilers, Derick Dillard is willing to take a cold plunge. The former TLC star shocked fans with a new video posted on Instagram.

He shared his partnership with a health and wellness company. In his Instagram post, Derick talked about the benefits of cold water therapy. He stood shirtless in just a pair of baby blue swim trunks.

Derick demonstrated what cold water therapy involves. He took a plunge into the ice-cold water. He crouched to the side of the inflatable pool before submerging his head.

This came as a shock to fans, who were confused by his sponsorship. Derick recently shared his new career as a lawyer in Oklahoma.

The Counting On spoilers suggests that Derick still wants to be an influencer. Over on Reddit, fans talked about Derick Dillard’s new Instagram post.

Some were surprised that he went shirtless despite being a conservative Christian. Other fans wondered if his sponsorship would affect his new career.

“Why would anyone post a picture like that on the internet in a serious manner?” one fan wrote.

Derick Dillard

“Especially when he’s a damn lawyer. I know personal injury lawyers put out some pretty dubious ads but shilling crap on Instagram is unseemly,” another user noted.

This could be a conflict of interest for Derick’s job. He might have to be cautious about what he posts on social media. Some law firms could forbid you from doing influencer sponsorships. However, it might not affect him since he’s doing it for personal healing.

Counting On Spoilers: Derick Dillard Denounces Duggars

As the Counting On spoilers already reveal, Derick Dillard has proudly denounced the Duggars. He spoke his mind in the new documentary titled Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets.

Derick supported Jill as they shared their story. Earlier this year, she released her memoir about her strict upbringing in the family.

In the book, the couple shares their insights about the Duggars and the Institute of Basic Life Principles. Derick recalled a time when Jim Bob Duggar tried to send him to rehab after he saw him drinking beer.

Jill recounted a conversation she had with her mom Michelle about the modest clothing rules for the girls of the family.

Derick Dillard has only gotten more outspoken since the book’s release. He hasn’t held back on his feelings for Jim Bob. What are your thoughts on Derick doing cold water therapy? Does this surprise you? Sound off below in the comment section.

As always, check back for more Counting On spoilers, news, and updates.

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