Sweet Home Sextuplets Mom Courtney Waldrop Has The Best Birthday

Courtney Waldrop

There is simply never a quiet moment in the home of Courtney And Eric Waldrop from TLC’s Sweet Home Sextuplets. Although the show was canceled, Courtney keeps fans updated almost every single day. And, it seems that there is always something happening. This week, the family celebrated Courtney’s birthday and her nine kids spoiled her rotten.

Sweet Home Sextuplets Family Brings So Much Chaotic Fun

When the show first aired, some fans claimed that they felt exhausted as they watched Courtney try and raise her very active family of kids. Her husband Eric helped out, but he also runs his own business and keeps some livestock. So, when the kids got old enough to run about, things became hectic. Possibly, it was just too much to carry on filming with all the kids and a camera crew around them. So, they opted to try and live their lives without the TV show. However, that doesn’t mean that fans don’t get frequent updates.

One thing that the Sweet Home Sextuplets cast does well is make time for partying and good times. New year, Easter, a birthday, or any other event that can be celebrated with smiles and dancing is well received by the sextuplets. Of course, the twins, and their older brother Saylor also join in. Apparently, they all had a lot of fun on Courney’s birthday this year. However, she was way too busy being spoiled to take the time for many videos and photos.

Sweet Home Sextuplets Mom Courtney Waldrop Has Fun Turns 41

A few days ago, the mom of Layke, Rawlings, Rayne, Tag, Rivers, Blu, Saylor, Wales, and Bridge woke up to a day full of sweet actions by the kids. Sharing some photos on Instagram, she said, “I woke up to six little ones gifting me with all kinds of things from my closet and theirs😝.” Fans thought it seemed very sweet that they gave her “clothes, shoes, jewelry, toys, hand sanitizer, chapstick, [and] boxing gloves.” Next, they decided their mom needed a home spa treatment.

Sweet Home Sextuplets Mom Courtney Has The Best Birthday
God’s Divine Nine / Instagram

The Sweet Home Sextuplets’ mom noted, “[the little kids] pampered me by painting my fingernails and my toenails every color of the rainbow and multiple coatings.” Additionally, they “brushed my hair until I’m pretty sure some started to fall out🥴 and then prettied me up with about 20 bows.” While it might have been uncomfortable, she certainly appreciated all the love.

The Older Boys Made Her Cards

Sweet Home Sextuplets fans know that Eric taught his older boys to act like gentlemen. So, it’s no surprise to hear that Bridge, Wales, and Saylor gave her thoughtfully hand-made cards. Rounding out her lovely day, her husband Eric later took her out for dinner.

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