It’s Chaotic In The Sweet Home Sextuplets House But Courtney Doesn’t Mind

Courtney Waldrop

When Sweet Home Sextuplets was still on TLC, a lot of fans felt exhausted just watching the nine children produced by, Courtney and Eric Waldrop. Now that they have grown up and reached beyond the toddler stage, they seem even more exhausted. However, it seems that as long as good memories are being made, their mom and dad just don’t mind.

Sweet Home Sextuplets Kids Know How To Have A Good Time

Sometimes, Courtney Waldrop takes some heat from helicopter parents. Although they don’t appear in TLC anymore, Courtney keeps her fans updated almost daily. At the new year, she took heat because she allowed the kids to dance on the table. However, she just laughed off the critics. In fact, she told one of them that you “have” to dance on the tables at New Year’s. Some of them had worried about eating off it after dirty feet stomped on it. And, others worried the kids might fall off.

Admittedly, some of the Sweet Home Sextuplets kids did visit the ER in the past. Little Rayne ended up there after she bashed her chin. On Instagram, Courtney said that she ended up with a cut and a bloodied chin. Other kids went there with various breaks and bruises, including the oldest son, Saylor. But with nine kids, they are bound to hurt themselves occasionally. In a recent post, fans saw that things got chaotic again, but nobody ended up at the hospital.

Sweet Home Sextuplets Kids Get Chaotic Riding Bikes Indoors

When Courtney Waldrop shared a video clip of the kids riding their bikes indoors, most people wished they could make memories like that. The caption said, “When the weather is bad outside then you just have to ride your bikes inside!!🚴🏼😝🚴🏼.” Then she explained that “they used to ride their tricycles inside.” Additionally, they rode “their scooters inside.” Saying how much she loves, it certainly seems that she’s just fine with it.

It's Chaotic In The Sweet Home Sextuplets House But Courtney Doesn't Mind
Gods Divine Nine / Instagram

Sweet Home Sextuplets fans saw that Courtney reasoned, “they can ride all day long inside because one day they are going to ride right out of this driveway in a car😩😩😩 and that day I will crumble😢.” Finally, she said, “So we’re going to ride till the wheels fall off and make scratches and dents all over the place….and that’s ok.” Actually, a lot of people can relate to the fear when children start to drive cars on the roads.

Comments On The Post

One Sweet Home Sextuplets fan said, “I wish I lived more like this, maybe just maybe if my house was big enough but even so I’m not such a fun mommy.”

Another follower opined, “🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍😍😍😍🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 I love that your house is a big open floor plan so six five-year-olds can ride their bikes in the house. 🤣🤣🤣 So adorable!!!!”

Other laidback parents chipped in as well. This comment revealed someone with a similar attitude to Courtney: “Know the feeling, we had the skate board put a hole in the walls more than once. But at least they are safe at home, its truely terrifying when they start driving cars.”

Remember to check back with us often for more news and updates about the Waldrop family formerly on Sweet Home Sextuplets on TLC.

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